Yogurt Recipe |  ग्रीक योगर्ट एवं फ्रूट योगर्ट कैसे बनायें.  | Fresh Fruit Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt Recipe | ग्रीक योगर्ट एवं फ्रूट योगर्ट कैसे बनायें. | Fresh Fruit Yogurt Recipe

Yogurt Greek yogurt We can even make it of
fruit flavored and serve it Namaskar! I am Nisha Madhulika Curd and Yogurt has a similar appearance Their cooking method is also similar But, both of these are different To set the curd,
a live culture is required. Two live culture is
required to set the yogurt Today we will make yogurt Greek yogurt Come, let us start its preparation To make it, we have to boil the milk first Here, we took a liter of full cream milk Add it in a vessel Switch on the flame Wait until the milk boils We can stir the milk once
or twice in intervals too If the flame is high and when
we add milk in a dry vessel then it might burn from the bottom Stir it or wash the vessel
with water before using it Organic curd is required to set the curd Similarly, organic yogurt is
required to set the yogurt We are using homemade
yogurt to make the yogurt If the yogurt is not available at home then you can buy it from any online store You can buy it from big
basket or nature basket You can buy online from these sites If you are buying it from the market
then it shouldn’t be flavored It should be plain yogurt Make sure that live culture is
written on its ingredient list It shouldn’t be genetically modified If you couldn’t find a
packet of live culture yogurt then you can use live
culture pouch like these It is available in powder form Once you set a yogurt from it You can make no.
of yogurts once you set a yogurt You can buy it online from amazon The milk has started boiling We will turn the flame to low and We will let it boil for 5 minutes to make the milk of thicker consistency The thicker consistency of milk
helps to make the yogurt thicker We have boiled the milk for 5 minutes Now, we will pour it in a vessel to set it Use any vessel which can be covered easily We will let it reach
to 40 degree centigrade We have to cool it Cool it as much that you
can lift the vessel easily It should be warm but, not too hot Or dip your finger in the
milk to check its temperature Set it when the milk is lukewarm Wait until the temperature
of milk decreases It is lukewarm Touch and check it as shown My finger can easily
tolerate its temperature Now, we will add yogurt to it It is our home made yogurt It is a liter of milk We will add 2 tablespoons of yogurt to it To increase its temperature,
add 2 to 3 teaspoons of milk to it Mix it well Now, we will add yogurt to it Mix it Cover it Yogurt is ready to be fermented Place it at any warm place If its the season of summers
then you can store it anywhere It will ferment in 4 to 5 hours But, if its the season of winters then you have to place it in a warm place Place it in the oven if it reaches to the
temperature of 35 to 40 degree centigrade The yogurt will set in 4 to 5 hours You can wrap it in a towel to keep it warm If you want to set the yogurt
quickly then take an electric pillow Place it over the yogurt It reaches to the temperature
of 40 degree centigrade It also consumes the lesser
amount of electricity It shuts the power
itself once it has heated well Wrap it and switch on the electricity The yogurt will set in 3 to 4 hours We have assembled our
own electric incubator Be careful about one thing that you do not stir it Arrange and settle it The yogurt will be ready after 5 to 6 hours You can do so in the season of winter But, in the season of summers
we will keep it like that only Let’s meet after 5 or 6 hours 6 hours have passed The yogurt has also fermented Let’ see its final result Let’s cut and see it This is yogurt What is the difference
between yogurt and geek yogurt If the whey water is removed
from the yogurt to make it thick then the final
result would be greek yogurt Let us make the greek yogurt Here, we took a strainer and placed a bowl Place any cotton cloth and spread it on the strainer Here, we will add yogurt to it Wrap and store it as shown Store it for 30 to 45 minutes As you can see,
the whey water is separating from it The whey water will totally
separate after a while You will get thick Greek
yogurt inside the cloth Let’s meet after 30 minutes 30 to 45 minutes have passed The Greek yogurt is also ready It is perfect and its
consistency is perfectly thick Now, we will fill the
Greek yogurt in a container The container should be
washed with warm water, wiped with a clean cloth
and it should be clean It is whey water It is consist of a lot
of sodium and calcium Do not throw it because it
is beneficial for the kids You can serve it to them
and you can have it too Greek yogurt is ready to be served We can eat the yogurt without mixing anything
to it, regular yogurt tastes scrumptious We can make it in the flavor of fruits too We can make it of any flavour
according to our taste We will take some yogurt If we want to make it of mango flavored Here, we took the pulp of frozen mangoes Add some pulp to it You can add 2 to 3 teaspoons
of it according to your taste It is already consists of
sugar and mango is sweet too We will mix it The mango flavored yogurt
is ready to be served Now, we will make it in
the flavour of black berry Add some fresh chopped black berry to it Add a teaspoon of honey to
it for making it sweeter Whenever we willl use fresh fruits we
will add some sugar and honey to it The black berry flavored
yogurt is ready to be served Now, we will make it in
the flavour of pineapple Here, we took frozen pineapples Add 2 to 3 teaspoons of pineapple to it It will be tastier to eat Mix it The pineapple yogurt is ready to be served Now, we will make it in the
flavour of mixed fruit jam Here, we took mixed fruit
jam and it is also home made It is a tastier jam Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of jam to it Mix it The jam flavored yogurt
is ready to be served The regular Greek yogurt and fruits
flavored yogurt is ready to be served Eat it howsoever you want too It is tastier and healthier to eat Share your experience with me Do let me know which latest
recipe you want me to post Do subscribe to my channel