Why does eating junk food make me feel good?

when it comes to junk food we all have
our guilty pleasures be it chocolate crisps fizzy drinks or fast food most of
us will succumb to temptation occasionally to perk us up on the
feeling a bit low but why does eating junk food make us feel good and why is
that a problem now junk food is a food that is high in calories but low in
nutritional value it’s typically packed full of sugar which is a form of fast
releasing energy sugar spikes release of dopamine the hormone responsible for
making us feel happy over the long term regular sugar consumption also increases
the concentration of dopamine receptors stimulating your brain’s reward pathways
for longer and extending that feeling of happiness so sugar makes us happy by
giving us the energy boost and by releasing the chemical that makes us
feel good but the high doesn’t last very long sugar is used up quickly so spikes
are rapidly followed by dips leading to low energy bad mood and cravings
starting this whole cycle again in the long term this kind of eating pattern
can be really damaging to your health so if you’re looking for an emotional boost
try doing some exercise which releases the same feel-good chemicals without the
damaging effects or eat foods that provide longer sustained energy release
to regulate your sugar levels and your corresponding mood and finally reach out
to those you’re closest to staying connected with people can help you feel
grounded and often puts things in perspective got a favorite junk food drop it as a
comment below and we will suggest a tasty alternative