Whey Protein Before Bed | HARMFUL?

Drinking whey protein before bed is potentially
HARMFUL? I’m about to show you why and how to FIX it -and we are getting started
right now! What is going on? my name is David Barr [CSCS, CISSN, RSCC], if you’re looking to get bigger
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so you don’t miss the latest tips and tricks. Stay tuned to the end – I’ve got
your next step to optimize your muscle growth fat loss and recovery. Today we
are talking about whey protein before bed and how it’s potentially harmful -not
to your health, your kidneys, liver, that kind of thing -that’s ridiculous get rid
of those myths. We’re going to stick with real science not broscience. So where
it could be harmful is for your gains -your muscle growth your fat loss your
recovery -that kind of thing, so we want to fix that.
The problem is whey protein is a fast protein AWESOME protein, I consume it
pretty much every morning when I wake up, you want that fast protein to break your
fast overnight you want to have it after a workout if you’re not consuming
protein before your workout so it’s a great functional protein. I don’t
recommend it I’m a dual certified sports nutritionist [CISSN, Pn-1] but I don’t make
recommendations, but it’s one of the top supplements that I would definitely use
and I do. So whey is a great fast absorbing digesting protein gets in the
blood very quickly stimulates muscle protein synthesis. I’ve done some
research in this area in the lab very cool stuff but it doesn’t last -whey
protein is very short-lived and that means you are going catabolic overnight.
A lot of people believe the mythology that we are anabolic at night and sleep
is our most anabolic time, it’s a myth! We’re not consuming any food when we
sleep so we’re overwhelmingly catabolic when we sleep each and every night there
is a way to fix that to mitigate that muscle loss over night and possibly even
turn that into an adaptive response muscle growth recovery that kind of
thing now the key here is casein. Casein is a slow digesting protein, slow
absorbing protein I have a video on this be sure to check that one out I’ll link
to it in the top right and in the description. Casein is another dairy protein,
just like whey it is fantastic I use it every night and it’s one of those things
that’s going to mitigate your muscle loss overnight potentially improve your
recovery, and it’s [casein] going to be better than
whey for consuming before bed. Now if you have to consume way before bed to meet
your protein needs that’s fine it’s not going to be the end of the world you’re
just missing out on an adaptive response again that growth recovery response you
The thing with casein, it’s not going to blunt your fat burning if you keep it to
around 40 grams a day [in a single dose] based on the research but be sure to check out the
casein video again ways a fantastic protein but potentially harmful to gains
if you’re consuming it at night. You’ll want to have a slower protein trickle
into your blood and mitigate that nocturnal catabolism [i.e. casein].
I want to I’ll hear from you! How are using whey protein? What doses? What timing are
using? Let me know in the Comments below! So there’s a quick and dirty FAQ for whey
protein potentially being harmful consumed before bed -not the end of the
world but something you could definitely improve upon. Thanks for watching, i’m
David Barr and until next time, Raise the Barr