Where Brazil Nuts Come From – Weird Fruit Explorer Ep 207

As I mentioned, I’m in Riberalta
Bolivia which is like the northern part of the country in the Amazon rainforest.
Now this area is not really a tourist destination. There’s not really a whole
lot that happens here; but there is one thing that this area is known for and
that is this place is where Brazil nuts come from. Yeah. Bolivia is the number-one producer of Brazil nuts and Riberalta is the largest area in Bolivia that
produces it. You may think Brazil nuts are from Brazil. Brazil does produce Brazil
nuts but they don’t produce as much as Bolivia does. Brazil has 40% of the
production of Brazil nuts, Bolivia has 50%. So half of all the Brazil nuts that
you eat come from Bolivia. That’s quite a lot the other 10% I think is
Peru. The majority of the Bolivian Brazil nuts are from this area right
here. So I went to a factory. I went on a tour just to like find out how you get
from the tree to the nut that we eat. So first let’s start with the tree. The tree
is gigantic. They are these huge huge trees that just like tower over like buildings.
I believe they can last as long as 500 years. In Brazil its actually illegal to
cut down a Brazil nut tree. The fruit of the Brazil nut tree is actually a
nuisance because these things are like really big and heavy and they can fall
and can crack your windshield or they can hit you in the head and kill
you. So they’re fairly dangerous because they are falling from such a
high height off that tree and come barreling down towards the earth. This is
a fruit, it is not a true nut it’s got a very hard outer shell and when you crack this open the seeds are inside.
the pod itself you see all over the place here in Bolivia they make things
out of it. I’ve seen ashtrays and little bowls, little like pen holders and
stuff like that. I think this is probably where the stem attached and
this is just the little hole in the bottom and if you actually like look in
there you can see some of the nuts in there and you can like I even hear
them in there I think that these cracks here
especially like around here you see there’s like a circular crack. I think
that is so that the seeds can get dispersed easily. I wanted to crack this pod open
to show you the seeds inside but I couldn’t get into it. I wailed away at
this thing for like ten minutes and it just was not going to give. I think that
maybe the one that I had dried out too much, thankfully I happened by a Brazil
nut factory that had a pod that was already opened. These I was told
contain about 20 seeds each those seeds are removed by hand and then thrown into gigantic piles. The next step is that those nuts are then fed into
machines that dry them out All these nuts go into these dryers here. And the finished product is right here. so these are all be dried nuts like
after they’ve been through the dryer and they said that you can eat the fresh
ones before they’re dried out but they dry it out so it doesn’t get any mold or
bacteria in it. But its just amazing these are like giant mountains of of nuts each one of
the shelves is removed with one of these medieval torture devices if you really
really like Brazil nuts but you hate how difficult it is to crack them open then
this is the Nutcracker for you of course if you wanted to shell an entire
mountains worth of Brazil nuts you would need more than just a little help this
is the nut cracking room this is all done by hand This is unbelievable to look at. Oh my god There’s just like hundreds of people manually
cracking nuts one by one You just crack it and put the shell in there and then the good nuts go in the bucket there. pretty simple This girl here just got yelled at for using
her smartphone on the job the amazing all the shells here are
getting thrown into the furnace here He’s just disposing of all the nut shells They are sorting the nuts here and getting rid of all the bad ones they’re going through looking for any imperfections Oh so that one has a worm in it. So if there is a worm it in it goes into the bucket. Some pretty good odds there.. there are only a few bad ones in the whole lot and they work very fast she’s actually going through the buck of bad ones and cutting out the bad part that’s why there’s nothing in that
bucket she’s cutting the ones that have a
worm and cutting the worm out of them Interesting. Nothing goes to waste. So when they go down this belt, the tiniest ones fall through the small holes. then the holes get larger so that they are getting separated out my size And only the biggest ones go in this bucket here. These are like the alpha male nuts right here. These are the top of the top. this is a very warm room where they’re dehydrating the nuts again They dry the shell nuts and then they separate them and dry the shelled nuts This one is completely ready. That is
really good! It’s still warm too and like so much flavor these are the best
Brazil nuts I’ve ever had. they’re nutty they’re creamy, they’re buttery. they taste a little bit like macadamia nuts they’ve got a nice nuttiness. Oh thats so good. I’m not like a huge fan of Brazil nuts but if they all tasted like this I’d be
eating them constantly. That’s really really tasty Giant wholesale sized boxes. Midget? Yeah… you’re using a politically incorrect word for
it… but that is okay. They’re packed up and sealed with this machine here and sent off They’re packing up the boxes here and then they are separated out into size. This is tiny thesee I think our the next step up and
they go on from there a little labyrinth of nut boxes here.
medium and large. There’s four sizes of nuts. Alright, back to the outside world. And that my friends is where Brazil nuts come from I really hope that you enjoyed
this rare glimpse into how the largest kernel of deliciousness ends up inside
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