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Hello everyone. So a few months ago I showed
you what’s in my kitchen, in my fridge and in my pantry, and today I thought I would
show you what’s in my primal bathroom. I’m sure it’s going to shock some of you,
it might inspire some of you, and it might also educate some of you. So I hope that this
will be useful. Now, this video is inspired by a true story
that happened to me a few months ago when we got our kitten Jimmy. So it was really
filthy and he was full of fleas. So we got this lady called Sharon from the Cat Welfare
charity to come over and give him a bath. And she needed something to wash him with.
So she was trying to grab this bottle with a pump from my sink, and shouted, “no, no!
This is not soap. This is just my oil cleansing oil mixture.” So then she asked me if I had
any shampoo and obviously we don’t have any. Then she asked if we have any shower gel,
and we don’t have that either! So she was pretty shocked. I could see it in her eyes.
She didn’t want to say anything because she was really polite. But she was pretty chocked.
So you’ll be quite surprised that we don’t have any… well, more or less no store bought
products in our bathroom, but I think we have a really nice routine going on and I’d like
to share it with you! So, welcome to my bathroom! Let’s go and have a look!
Alright, so here we are at the entrance to the bathroom. And it’s a very modest bathroom,
it was like this when we moved in. I’m not a big fan of the floor, which actually doesn’t
match the walls much, but it was like this, and it’s brand new. So we thought it would
be a waste of money and resources to try and change it. So here’s the mirror, the sink.
We have some shelves there, and we also have some storage there. And obviously this is
very important… that’s the kitties’ toilet! OK, right here I have my French rose water
– that’s probably my favourite thing. That’s all I use every morning and evening. And then
this is some jojoba oil and I use that more or less every single day. A couple of drops
for the ends of my hair. On this shelf here, this is my oil mixture – this is actually
85% olive oil and 15% castor oil now. It’s just a beautiful bottle I found in a local
home interior store. I really really like it. It’s much better than plastic bottles.
This is glass. This one here is a bottle of sandalwood oil, and it’s actually from India.
A friend of mine worked there for a while and she brought it to me as a gift. These
two little bottles here are:the first one is lavender oil and this one is lemon oil.
And I use them in a very similar way. I put a few drops into my oil mixture for Oil Cleansing
Method or I drop a few drops when I do my apple cider vinegar wash for my hair. And
I also put a few drops in a bucket when I mop the floor. It makes the house smell really
really nice. At the bottom here we have everything for
the teeth. So these are our toothbrushes and this little thing here is our DIY toothpaste.
So I got this from a Chinese shop actually. These are the little things for travelling.
I guess you could them for face cream, but I use them for baking soda and coconut oil.
So I have coconut oil at the top and the bottom, and then I have baking soda in the middle.
That’s because I like brushing my teeth with baking soda and water, and my husband likes
adding coconut oil. So that’s why I have both. And then this is my mirror. Hello! And I just
have two kind of hanging boxes. Over here I keep some spare razors, and here I have
some cotton pads, which I use to wipe my face with rose water in the mornings and in the
evenings. And on the sink the only thing I have is a natural olive oil soap. I don’t
really use it much. I just wanted to show you my hair, I think
it looks really good today. I’ve just washed it. I think that the no-poo method still works
really really well for me. You can see it yourself! It looks pretty good. So I just
wanted to share that with you- And this is my shower! As you can see, the only things
I have is a razor and two foot files. That’s it!
Here at the top, first of all, this is my husband’s shave cream from Burt’s Bees. And
I think it’s probably the only beauty or hygiene product that he has, and he told me specifically
to tell you that he doesn’t like it. So we’re still on the lookout for something natural
to shave with. So if you know anything, then please let us know.
And then over here I have… these are actually my hair cutting scissors or hair trimming
scissors. These are my toe nail scissors. This is a scrubbing glove, which I don’t really
use anymore because I prefer to use my sugar and olive oil scrub. That’s my glass nail
file and a cuticle trimmer. This is my Mooncup menstrual cup, and I only got it a month ago,
so I’m not very good at using it yet, but I’m learning. I think I like it so far. These
are some Q-tips, and I don’t really use them actually. You’ll be surprised what we use
them for. We use them to clean our kitty’s ears when they get dirty. And then I have
some measuring spoons from my oil mixture and things like that.
So now let’s move on to the second shelf. And the first thing here, this pump bottle
is my olive oil – this is my favourite moisturizer for my body and my face. I don’t like the
bottle because it’s plastic, so I’d definitely like to get something similar to the one I
use for my oil mixture for cleansing. But so far I haven’t got it, so this one will
do. This thing here is one of my newest discoveries and I absolutely love it! It’s natural shea
butter, I opened it up for you. That’s what it looks like. It kind of looks like butter.
I use it to moisturize my super cracked and dry soles in the evening or in the morning.
And on my cuticles as well. It’s super super effective. It’s amazing! This thing here I
absolutely love. That’s activated charcoal, this is capsules and I use them for tooth
whitening. These are toothpicks and I actually prefer using these instead of normal floss.
This is much better. This is my favourite lip balm and it’s in Red Dahlia, it’s my favourite
colour, and I mentioned this in my blog post about my favourite products or my favourite
things for 2013. I’m a big fan of these. I have three of them:I have two in my bags and
one here in my bathroom. This is Vanillary, it’s a solid perfume from Lush. Not 100 natural
but almost, and I really like the smell. This thing here is I really really like it. It’s
Essential Care Organic First Aid Lotion. it’s wonderful when you have some kind of cuts
or mosquito bites, burns, anything like that, or any itchy places on your body. It’s really
really good. It’s 100% natural and it really really works. This thing here is the deodorant
that we’re using now. It’s the Coconut Deodorant Powder from Lush. It’s not entirely natural.
The only thing that’s not natural in there is actually perfume. God knows what they put
in there, but I haven’t found anything natural to use as a deodorant. So if you know of any
recipe, please let me know! I’ve tried the baking soda and coconut oil, and somehow it
didn’t work for me. My armpits got really irritated, so I’m on the lookout for something
else. These two little stones here are actually pumice stones. My husband found them in the
sea. They actually work really really well for scrubbing your soles or anything like
that. Over here I have a lot of hair accessories. Just everything…anything to make pony tails
and buns. This is my favourite hair brush. It’s a natural boar bristle brush from Denman,
and this is another favourite hair accessory, and this is a bamboo wide-tooth comb. I love
this! On this shelf here we just have some more
hair accessories and thing here is quite a cool thing, I like using it sometimes. It’s
a massaging brush for cellulite,s o it helps you get rid of cellulite. It’s pretty cool
but I don’t use it much. And over here I just have some earrings and small jewellery items.
So I hope that you liked this little tour of my bathroom. I hope I’ll inspire you to
try out some of these natural solutions as well. If you have any questions for me or
if you want to share any natural products that you use in your bathroom, then leave
a comment below. If you like this video, I’d be so happy if you give me a thumbs up! Subscribe
to this channel if you want to see more videos like this. Thank you sooo much for watching.
I really appreciate it. I’ll see you next time with my Part 2 of the Oil Cleansing Method
video, and until then – bye!