What makes watermelon a cool fruit? Ask Coley – Health Tips for Kids | Educational Videos by Mocomi

Benefits of Watermelon Bumbley – Whaaaaaaaaaaat???? How you can be so cool in such hot climate? Coley – It’s because of my friend, Watermelon
here is keeping me cool. He contains 92% of water which keeps me hydrated. Bumbley – Hmmmm…I should have some cool
watermelon juice too. Bumbley – Woooaahhh… I am feeling so refreshed and cool. My skin is also glowing! How did this happen? Coley – Watermelon contains several healthy
components like Vitamin A, E and C along with essential minerals. Nutrients in watermelon are good for the skin
and hair and protect us from sunburn. Bumbley – Watermelon is so cool! I want to be his friend too!