What I Eat in a Day Paleo

hello everyone my name is Tanya and I’m
an integrative health coach today I’m going to be showing you a full day of
eating a paleo so I’m super excited for this this is how I eat it that’s what
works best for my body if you’re watching this video because you’re
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future videos on the Paleo diet so for breakfast today I’ll be making a Mexican
egg scramble this is so good guys I love any type of like Mexican bowl creation
and honestly this is really really good so I’m just slicing up a sweet potato
I’m doing it I like peeled it doing it it the slices and then flipping it over
doing it into fries and eventually little cubes and when I am cooking them on the
stovetop I try to make the cubes as as small as possible so that it cooks a
little bit a faster so nice and fine alright now I’m gonna get the stovetop
going so I’m getting out a pan and adding some coconut oil in there that’s
like my oil of choice and that’s the one I use there make sure to swirl it around
and you’re good to add your sweet potatoes don’t forget to put the cover
as well I do feel like it really helps with the cooking process because this
steam also cooks sweet potatoes alright while the sweet potatoes are
getting a head start I’m slicing a red a bell pepper and do some slices and then
rotate that around and just chop them up in little dices also have a red onion
here and some organic cherry tomatoes now no judging on the onion cutting I
feel like everyone does it differently but hey feel free to give me a score on
a scale of one to ten I feel like I’m winning though because I haven’t cut a
finger off yet also slicing some cherry tomatoes I’m
not a huge fan of cook tomato so I’m keeping it minimal but of course you
could always add more if you really like them all right then we’re going to check
up on our sweet potatoes everything looks good then you can add the veggies
in there mix it all in and add some salt this is the type of salt that I
like to use it’s just a brand by Costco then I add some pepper and it’s from the
same brand and then oh look at that I’m gonna give it one last stir and then add
some spinach afterwards so yeah I’m adding this whole box that’s the great
thing about greens it will like wilt down so you cannot eat a ton I
definitely recommend putting the lid on as well it’s going to help for that I’m
struggling a little bit here to separate out the spinach once it has cooked but
don’t worry I eventually figured it out everything worked out alright everything
is ready so I’m going to take most of the veggies out because I will store it
in the glass container for the rest of the week so that I don’t have to chop
veggies every morning and I can just quickly like put the veggies in the pan
and crack a couple eggs like you see me doing right here and then just a
scramble it this is what happens when I’m cooking and I leave a cupboard open
especially the one what is a food in so he sneaks in and try to get some treats
usually he like Chuck’s it off the shelf and hopes that it will open as it falls
but don’t worry about Wes I end up giving him a treat anyways he
it’s hard you know all right so we are done here it looks good but we are not
done yet I am gonna add some fresh cilantro and some Frank’s hot sauce I
mean you can’t really have a Mexican Bowl without some hot sauce that’s the
finished product it looks awesome beautiful YUM super excited to eat this my lunch on most days is one big salad
bowl I find that if I just keep that consistent that I get a lot of
vegetables in my day so you know for dinner or something like that I don’t
have a ton of veggies at least I know that I had a salad for lunch so the base is
always some greens I always have some greens in the fridge and I also like to
keep ingredients prepped in the fridge as much as possible especially when I’m
working from home like I don’t have a ton a time for lunch so those are
spiralized zucchini like comes in really really handy same for the salmon I
already had it cooked I had to warm it up in the oven and then
I’m slicing up an avocado. Avocados are such a good food to add in your diet I
love them because first of all they’re just nice and creamy, they taste so good
and they’re super filling I’ll usually have like at least half an
avocado or maybe even a full one during the day if I don’t have it with
breakfast like this morning I didn’t have breakfast and I’ll definitely have
it for lunch and sometimes I even have it in like a side salad
with dinner. So for the dressing I keep things like a super super simple it
usually I always add salt and pepper because why not it enhances the taste
and this is my favorite oil to use as a dressing it’s avocado oil it’s really
nice it’s nice and mild I don’t mind olive oil but yeah that’s
just my favorite one it’s a little drizzle of that and that’s it guys so
it’s a super simple lunch especially if you have everything prepped in advance
then you just have to like put the bowl together and eat. Hey guys I’m just
sitting here enjoying my I just want to talk about it so I have the zucchini,
avocado, the salmon and the greens. usually I would also have a source of
carbs but since I had a lot of sweet potatoes in my breakfast I just skipped
on that so it was more of like a high protein high fat lunch which is honestly
probably the best if you’re struggling with like lunch instead don’t fill you
up having high protein high fat will definitely fill you up so yeah I’m gonna
continue to enjoy that and I just want to let you know what my bowls usually
look like is usually I will have some sweet potatoes in there. Alright, let’s
get Dinner started so I’m you start off by preparing the chicken really simple. I’m going to add the chicken breast in a dish and put some salt and pepper on
there add some foil on there I find that if I
add the foil on top it just kind of keeps this you can press a little bit
moist because the chicken breast can get a little dry and while that’s cooking I’m gonna get the
vegetables ready so we got some broccoli, carrots, snow peas, white onion, and garlic
I chopped all of that up and then it’s time to add it to the pan so I’m using
some avocado oil as the oil and I added the onions, the garlic sauted that for a bit
and then eventually added these snow peas carrots and broccoli in there as
well and then making sure to mix it all up really well. So once your chickens
ready you can slice it up or shred it whatever it works for you but then yeah
you just add it into the pan with the vegetables and mix it up again all right this is the MVP of this recipe
so this yellow Thai coconut curry by Yai’s Thai it is such a great product to have
around the house I freaking love it and it just makes it easy for you to whip up
a quick curry. Those are the ingredients and it is Paleo approved. Hi
guys so I am going to enjoy this and that’s probably gonna be the last meal
of the day for me only because I’m not super hungry today and I know this is
gonna fill me up on most days though I will have a snack and I pretty much always
have dessert so if you’re interested in seeing more like paleo snack options and
just type I love snack in the comments below and
I’ll be sure to make that for you guys also reminder that if you want to get
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you so much for watching I appreciate every single minute you spend with me,
again thank you and I hope you have a great day. I’ll see you guys in the next
one, bye!