Want To Try The Paleo Diet for weight loss? Watch this video – What Nutrition Expert Says

have you ever taught a diet where you
can lose weight without starving yourself without exercise and without
counting calories yes there is a diet and it’s called Paleo diet Paleo diet is
a very successful diet if done correctly but if not done correctly it has some
dark sides it can mess up your body it could be possible that you are losing
weight on paleo diet or you are a big nerd thinking to do Paleo diet and you
will lose weight but the dark sides can miss your body miss your hormones
welcome my name is paulo comida I’m a nutrition and supplement expert and I
have people losing weight permanently in a healthy manner and today we’re gonna
talk about the Paleo diet so what is Paleo diet in 2016
the most shocking data came that 66% of population is overweight it’s an
epidemic so every it means six people out of ten people are already obese now
people started thinking what is the problem
they look pictures of our forefathers it means the people the human generation
which existed long before which look healthy this is the picture look at this
man he is full of muscles you know and there is no body fat who is he these are
our Paleolithic ancestors okay now the food scientists observed that
the whole problem of obesity started when the agriculture came into picture
this means agriculture came 10,000 years before but before that what happened
before that human race exists over 200,000 years so
what happened in 190,000 years we used to hunt and we used to eat animals we
used to eat real raw food and not processed food so maybe this is the
of fighting with obesity epidemic so people start eating paleo in the same
way these guys ate ok it means animal and unprocessed natural
raw food with obesity epidemic there is a pile epidemic coin that is called
autoimmune diseases we never heard of thyroid problems before but now we are
all getting Hashimoto’s thyroid problem because our own system is attacking our
body it has been believed that our body is telling us they do they have not yet
adapted to great so let’s eat pally away okay now what Paleo diet is it consist
of animals whole animals you eat liver you eat intestines although you can just
be on animal ties and skin and bones okay so they eat animals they eat eggs
okay and the carbohydrates which we used to get from wheat we get from roots
it means sweet potatoes carrots these are all roots which provide unprocessed
natural source of carbohydrates okay we eat fruits not imported fruits begins in
Paleolithic times nobody imported through these are seasonal fruits from
the wild fat then dairy not cooked and pasteurized dairy raw dairy if you have
a good source of raw dairy drink it if not do not drink it so it sounds very
good and people lost weight but what happened is that after some years or
after some months of Paleo diet people start messing up with their hormones why
does this happen so I observe the same when I went to
India the Paleo diet is a new diet now in India they do not know the source of
protein it is the biggest outside of your Paleo diet fine for example if your
animal if you do not know who raised your animal it
give you a problem because when you are under stress for example the hormone in
your body messes up the same happens with animals if your animals are not
humanely raised they have messed up hormones which then get into your body
and miss your heart okay these animals are fed grains so even if
you are not taking pesticides loaded grains your animal is eating grains
because the animal butcher or the animal seller wants their animal to be fat so
that they can sell a lot of meat and make good profits they’re gonna feed
hormones which gonna make them fat and they gonna feed grains which are cheap
and the grains from their body gonna get into the your body plus you’re gonna get
that pesticides okay so it is very important and then is antibiotics okay
if your animal if there’s an uneducated person raising your animal and feeding
antibiotics now these antibiotics will get into your body okay so what will
happen is that if ever you caught an bacterial infection these antibiotics
have killed the good bacterias and you will become antibiotic resistance plus
you’re compromised immunity because the good bacterias has been killed because
of consuming these antibiotic rich meats that is the biggest problem the second
big problem is that if you look at the picture of our sapiens tiny little guys
these to run these these guys used to chase the animals they used to hunt they
used to pick the animal and bring back home for the family for the kids so they
used to do a lot of physical work are you doing this kind of physical work if
not then deep proteins in your diet from animal proteins they are getting
converted into sugar okay and they are not they will not help you use whey
so what is the long-term strategy the long-term strategy is that you can do
Palio died if you know the source of food okay if you know the source of meat
if you do not know the source of meat do not do a Paleo diet
otherwise you’re gonna get all these problems which these guys did not get
okay and the second problem is if you are not lifting weight and you are
sitting whole day and eating just meat all day you will not lose weight after
some time and you will hit a plateau okay I hope you like my video please
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you the dark sites what people are tweeting too healthy without knowing
your side story I’ll see you in next video thank you