VSG Surgery – Day 4  Post Op *Protein Shake, BM*

VSG Surgery – Day 4 Post Op *Protein Shake, BM*

hey it’s me day four post-op my VSG
surgery so i’ll include it in my stats but i received surgery and July fifth
2016 my high weight was 240 my surgery weight was two can’t remember
this – 227.1 i am on my clear liquid diet I progress today to my first protein
shake so I I drink the EAS protein shakes
which I really like I drank them actually before when i used
to do all my workouts I like the way they taste a lot i’m
curious with the premier protein tastes like so if anybody has a comparison and
I’m very curious to know a lot of people just the premiere but anyway I got it down I drank about
like three quarters I feel like I didn’t take me that long to drink it but this is kind of TMI but it kind of
went through me very quickly but that’s a good sign means my intestines are
working properly but it was very explosive and i went
back and forth a few times but now i’m ok i don’t really have an appetite this
is actually the first time since I’ve been home that I haven’t really felt
like I want to put something you know in my tummy so that’s kind of weird I think I am it’s not even funny but I used to like
Beinge eat and stuff so me not wanting to eat it’s just very very I was that person
where I based my whole day i love to eat and that was like the most eventful thing
i looked forward to in the morning now but you can’t think like that but
definitely was more unhealthy than anything so yeah that’s pretty much it i just kinda
I don’t like to sit down and one spot too long I kind of been going all over
the place I usually work a full-time job so I’m
kind of going out of my mind a little bit I just feel really weak I’m tired i still
only have a little bit of gas may be in my like you know my chest area slightly
i am on an anti-inflammatory narcotics just fine by me i’m considering my
experience with the vomiting in the hospital plus I don’t want to get backed
up and then I’m on and acid reflux just preventative for two months and an
nausea medication that I’m going to take about a month so i just take
those and obviously I have my chewable vitamins and i also take additional
vitamin d yeah so I mean overall concern what my body has been through you know
still traumatic still losing a portion of my stomach and now you know
progressing to intake liquids but it’s been really good so far I’m excited to watch other people’s
videos and other people journeys really look forward to some
feedback or you know if anybody has any tips for me as well i hope that you know
I can encourage people through this journey and excited like I set for my transition if so many
plans for you know i have set goals and maybe I’ll do that in another video
things I just want to accomplish just getting healthy I have a bucket list so i say and i
really don’t turn on going back so that wraps up date four I don’t want to take
up too much of your time thank you so much for those of you that have been
following me it’s so awesome – have the support and just watching other
you know sleevers in you know youtube so congrats
to you guys as well all right that’s all I have to tonight
and until next time bye