Vertigo Balance Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and cool Kali,
and today I’m gonna show you some balance exercises for vertigo. so let’s
get started. so these balance exercises are for vertigo, and it can be any type of vertigo. a lot of
times if you have the BPPV which is the positional vertigo, you might get
treatment done like an epley, brandt daroff, or even the half somersault. and then
then you can do these exercises afterwards to help get your balance a
whole lot better afterwards. so the first one is going to be what we call a
Romberg stance. and so you’re just going to bring your feet as close together as
you can. and this looks pretty easy, but if you are off balance a little bit, it’s
narrowing your base of support, and so that makes it a little harder for
balance. so when you start off with these balance exercises, make sure you have
something close by to hold on to. you might have to hold on to to start off
with, and that’s fine. or just be in a very safe environment. so just start off
with 10 to 15 seconds in this Romberg position. your hands by your side, or
again if you need to hold on to something or a chair beside you that’s
fine as well. so then if you want to make it a little bit harder, then close your
eyes. so now you’re going to just stay in that same position, and keeping your
eyes closed. now a lot of times people tend to want to even if their eyes are
closed to look down at their feet, but when you’re doing balance exercises, you
really want to keep her head straight forward. focus on a spot. like I’m
focusing on the camera. find a spot on the wall and focus on that and that’s
really gonna help with your balance. so after you do the eyes closed, then you’re
gonna do head turn side to side. so still keeping yourself in that Romberg
stance and you can take breaks in between these if you want to. you don’t
have to go through all all of them, but if these are easy, then you’re gonna do
head turns to this side. so now I’m just gonna nice and slow not going fast but
I’m just turning my head side to side. so this kind of changes what you’re seeing
and so sometimes this will throw people off balance a little bit. so again if the
other ones were easy, still kind of be close to something to hold on to if you
need to. 10 to 15 seconds working your way up to a minute and then after you
do head turns side to side, then you’re just gonna look up
and down. so this one I found that does throw people off a little bit more.
sometimes in this side to side because you know they’ll feel kind of wobbly
while they’re doing it, so again you just go at your own pace. go slow and even if
you just have to do a little bit shorter head to head up and down or head side to
side, whichever one you’re doing that’s fine, but eventually you want to get that
full movement back and forth and that full movement up and down. so if that’s
still easy, then you’re still gonna be in that Romberg, and now you’re gonna do the
head turns with your eyes closed. so my eyes are closed, and now I’m just turning
my head side to side. so my balance is is pretty good sometimes people especially
when their eyes are closed they feel like they’re wiggling around a lot even
if they’re not, but even if you are if you look down at my ankles and once we
getting to the harder ones, you’ll see that they’re still working. so even
though I’m staying kind of balanced, it’s okay if you feel like your ankles or
your knees or your hips are moving a little bit cuz that’s them just trying
to find the balance. and then so eyes closed looking up and down. and again,
sometimes I feel like the up-and-down throws people off a little bit more,
so again just go at your own pace if your eyes are closed make sure you know
where there’s something to hold on to if you need to, or you know, have someone
next to you so they can kind of make sure that you’re staying balanced while
you’re doing it. so if you’ve done all of those and they’re still pretty easy, then
make your surface uneven or unlevel. so you can do that by even just as simple
as putting a pillow on the floor or some kind of foam and then putting yourself
in that Romberg position and going through all of those again. so this just
makes it a little bit uneven and it makes it a little bit harder. so you can
do go through all those as well. so then the next one is going to be a tandem
stance. and so tandem is really just one foot right in front of the other. now if
you’re not quite ready for that, if you feel like you’re going off balance a
little bit, you can do what we call a modified where your heels and your
your back heel and your front toes are kind of together. so I’m not completely
like I’m standing on a tightrope but I’m kind of modified. so if you need to start
with the modified you can definitely do that, but if you feel pretty good, go
ahead and bring that foot all the way forward make sure while you’re going
through all of these again. eyes closed, heads turn to the side, head up and down,
eyes closed with that, make sure you’re switching your feet throughout because
usually the back leg is the one that’s doing most of the work. so I always start
off with your good leg in the back and then if you’re doing pretty well, then go
ahead and switch your feet and then do it the other way as well. so when your
feet are one in front the other, you may want to make sure you’re switching sides.
so again doing this, then doing this. with your eyes closed.
doing your head turn side to side. doing your heads up and down. doing those with
your eyes closed which you can see now see my ankles that are working a little
bit harder because that makes it a little bit harder. switch your feet
throughout if you need to, and then up and down. and if all those are still
pretty easy and you’re been doing this for a while and you’re getting better
and getting stronger, then again you can bring the pillow out or something that’s
a little uneven surface and do all of those as well. so it’s making it a little
bit tougher, but that’s what you want to do. you want to work on that balance to
make yourself stronger and balance works those finer muscles in your legs to help
with that balance as well. so before we go to the next one, I want to do a quick
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you click on the link in the description below to find out how. so then the next
one, we’re getting a little bit harder, is gonna be single leg balance. so again
if you’re just starting off, make sure you’re holding on to something and you
might have to start with two hands, and then you feel pretty good then you can
go to one hand. then you can maybe just go to a finger holding onto something
and then try balancing without. so again, with this one you want to be switching
your legs throughout. give yourself a break in between, making sure that you’re not
just over fatiguing those muscles. start off with that 10 to 15 seconds, and then
once you get this going well, then you can add in your head turns side to side.
you can add looking up and down, and then you switching your feet, and then doing
the eyes closed. then you’re just balancing eyes closed, and so you can see
you look down in my ankle again it’s working hard, but I’m able to stay
balanced. and it’s supposed to be doing that. you’re not going to be able to
stand on one foot and not have those muscles or that ankle wiggle at all,
especially when your eyes are closed. so you know that’s not failing at the
exercise if you’re wiggling a little bit, but just make sure you’re safe doing it.
so again if you need to hold on or somebody needs to be next to you just so
they can kind of help keep you safe, then that’s really what you want to do. so
there you have it. those are balance exercises for vertigo. if you’d like to
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and remember be safe, have fun, and I hope you feel better soon.