Vegan Ground Beef! My High Protein Meat Substitute

– Hello, there. Today on Bachelor on a Budget, I got somethin’ very special. I came up with this last
week and it is awesome. We are making vegan ground beef. So this is a plant-based ground beef and it’s got a similar
texture, similar flavor, it’s a complete protein and
it’s actually quite simple. Probably the simplest, I
actually checked if anyone else had done a vegan ground beef recipe, and of course everything on
YouTube’s been done before, but this is totally a
unique kind of version and it’s very simple, so I’m really excited
to share this with you and it goes so well in
tacos and my favorite thing is just to fry it up with some veggies, I’ve even done it with
some frozen veggies, but it is so delicious,
so let’s dive into it. You’re gonna love this one and it’s actually really quite delicious. So let’s get started. (chimes) Okay, so we have some black rice and this actually turns purple. We’re just gonna use this
and it’s the kind of rice that still has their husks. And these have antioxidants and the color that turns food like yams purple, when you have purple vegetables. So similar kind of thing. You can use brown rice, but
I like to use black rice. One cup. And we will rinse that. (water running) (splashing) And give that a drain. Then another quick rinse. (water running) And we’re gonna try and leave about four cups of water in there. You can always dump all of
it out and measure it, but you want about that much, I’m assuming. Okay, so I dumped out
all the water just to see how much I got and it was
actually only three cups and look it’s purple, so
I added another cup here. You can do the same to test it out, but look at that purple water. That’s fine to use, totally kosher. And we’re doing four cups of water here because we have one cup of
quinoa and one cup of rice so two cups per, so you can
always double the recipe up. Add back the water now. We’re gonna go in with
one tablespoon of salt. Give that a mix. And we wanna bring this to a boil. So this might not be
readily available for you, but it does add a huge difference. I’m not gonna put it in this
recipe, but if you can get it, I do recommend you utilize it. It’s either mushroom seasoning. So this is a mushroom extract,
says it’s a substitute for MSG and it provides a
very rich, savory flavor, that umame flavor that all meat has. So we wanna use that to make
that rice and quinoa and beans taste very savory and this helps do that. You can probably find this
at the Asian grocery store. I wish you could find this everywhere, maybe I need to create
a product that gets this into local grocery stores,
but this stuff is the jam. This is what it looks like,
these tiny little granules. And a little easier to find, but if it’s your first time here, you might be a bit skeptical is MSG. I’ve talked about this
in quite a few videos, but there is some pretty
pervasive myths around MSG, but it is actually completely harmless. This is just a very simple chemical, which is glutamate, which is a natural amino acid, so this gives
it very savory flavor. So a teaspoon of this will
add a very rich flavor, but if you’re still
skeptical, watch my video on MSG or do your own research,
but use credible sources. I hate misinformation. For mine, I’m gonna go ahead and add some. ‘Cause it is good. But yeah, if you don’t have
it, don’t let it prevent you from makin’ the dish,
whatever you’re making your faux ground beef
with, whatever you make. Let’s say you make tacos, you can also add more savory ingredients, like mushrooms. Okay this has reached a boil,
so adding in our quinoa. That’s only been going
for about seven minutes. So as soon as it reaches a boil, and then we can lower the
heat down to a simmer. Now we’re gonna let that simmer ’til all the water’s
pretty much evaporated. That’ll just be about 15, 20 minutes. Probably closer to 20, but we’ll see. Give that a stir every once in a while, you can see it’s already
thickening up here. Okay, that is nearly evaporated. And then I’m gonna add
in a can of black beans and the full recipe’s in the description, so if you wanna see what size. I’ve also used kidney beans for this. But black just goes with the color. I realized my lighting was a bit off, that’s a bit more accurate. I have a tablespoon of cumin, so the spices just help to
give it more of the flavor and mostly, I’m using ground beef for Mexican kind of dishes, or Tex-Mex, but you can try different spices. Using a tablespoon of chili powder, and a tablespoon of garlic powder. And i want this to get nice and sticky so I almost have little clumps and it does as it cools down, but
this is lookin’ nice. Make sure you don’t burn it here, but we do want a bit more water evaporated so it does get into the
more sticky texture. Make sure you didn’t
overspice or underspice. Ideally, underspicing is
better than overspicing. Mine’s actually pretty
salty, because I tend to use heaping tablespoons, but that’s alright because then I just don’t
need to add as much salt and I don’t eat this plain. Well, maybe a couple of bites, but when I’m adding it to stuff, then it’s already pre-salted. Just make sure you’re not oversalting when you make the full dish
of whatever you’re making. But right now, it is sitting pretty. That is done, just making sure
we’re scraping everything, starting to get some
sticking at the bottom, so we’re done. That’s getting nice and sticky, but it’ll get perfect when
it cools down a bit. So I’ll take that off the heat. (peppy techno music) And we are done. I transferred it to a pan,
just so it looks more like ground beef for photos, you know. Yeah, vegan ground beef. I am super excited about this. Hey, less cows dying,
less water being used. For one kilogram of beef, it requires 50,000 liters of water in terms of all the food it eats. And yeah, cows are just terrible for us and for the environment,
and killing isn’t good. So vegan ground beef,
definitely give this a shot. Super simple and boy,
I’m pumped about this for adding in tacos and
quesadillas and yeah. (jazzy music) Mm. Super savory, and again,
it’s a complete protein, beans and rice, normally together, create a complete protein but quinoa already is, kind of. It has all the main amino acids. This is good muscle
building fuel right here. Seriously. Mm. And when do you eat
ground beef by the spoon? I have a couple different recipes that this would actually
be really good in. In my vegetarian quesadillas,
you could add some of that. Chili, you can add this to chili. I’d add it last, ’cause you
don’t wanna slow cook these. And actually, when I fry up
veggies, I add this last. But yeah, with some red
peppers and onions and garlic or any type of bell peppers, and you add a bit more chili
powder and cumin, paprika, it makes for an unreal Tex-Mex bowl that you can just eat
or dip in with chips. It’s unreal. Thank you guys for watching, check out some more videos here. If it’s your first time watching, please hit that subscribe button, but I very much appreciate your support and yeah, thanks guys.