Uric Acid ഭക്ഷണ നിയന്ത്രണം  നിസാരം  | Food to Avoid & Healthy Diet for Uric Acid | Online Doctor

Uric Acid ഭക്ഷണ നിയന്ത്രണം നിസാരം | Food to Avoid & Healthy Diet for Uric Acid | Online Doctor

When you tested blood, uric acid was high! So, what type of food should you eat? Which foods should be avoided? Hi friends, I’m Dr Prasoon, Welcome back to Dofody.. I’m talking about this topic in todays’s video, What type of foods should be avoided in high uric acid? or if you are already suffering from Gout? First of all, I have to mention about “organ meat” Organ meat includes the organs of animal such as kidney, liver, which we often buy & cook to eat! These meat contain high level of uric acid Next, you should avoid certain types of fish Some of these fishes are Mackerel, Sardine small fish like Anchovies, Tuna, Crab Next you should stay away from sugary beverages, carbonated drinks sodas, fruit juices. These contain high level of fructose which indirectly leads to a rise in uric acid level. You should definitely stay away from Alcohol especially Beer Food items rich in added sugars such as bakery items, or refined sugar-containing foods should be better left alone Now, what type of foods can be eaten without fear? Vegetables & Fruits In fact, fruits like cherries have been found to even lower uric acid level. All vegetables, can be eaten safely. Pulses can and shoul.d be eaten. Fibre-rich foods such as oats, brown rice, can be had in plenty! There’s no problem with eating eggs! Coffee has been shown to have a beneficial effect in lowering uric acid. Many patients ask me “how long should we refrain from eating fish & meat”? “Should we avoid chicken meat”? the answer is that, the problems rises only if you eat meat every day! If you restrict to 100 or 150 grams per week you need not worry about a gout attack! So, I hope you liked today’s video! If you really liked it, please share it with others in your family and friends circle. You can follow “Dofody” on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Please Like, Subscribe & Comment If you have more questions, pleaase comment below I’ll also respond to direct messages.if you want to ask dirct questions to me, please downlload the Dofody app. Other speciality doctors are also available on Dofody. So, until I see you in the next video, it’s me Dr Prasoon .. Thank you so much for watching