Trying exotic fruits – Miguel in Bogotá

Did you put salt already? Yes, just a little A little is enough So now I have to say that every time I appear in one of your videos?? Yes, every time you appear you have to say Simon G and #gomitaarmy So tell me about your project? It focuses on visiting markets and it’s products And where these products come from, whether that’s the field We’d like to show people, especially foreigners, anything that goes on in a market Whether that’s in Bogota or around Bogota We want it to be an authentic experience We don’t have much prepared in terms of what will happen We simply go and see what goes on Our company is called Chasing Plazas Because we are always on the lookout to see where there is a new festival that we could visit Almost every weekend there is a celebration somewhere Is it in Bogota and around the city or also in the rest of the country? No, in Bogota and the villages around it The idea is that you go, spend the day there and then come back to Bogota in the afternoon Every time it is something different, a different celebration Something that we won’t have visited ourselves Last week we were in Guatavita We went there and had a look around They had a giant pastry to celebrate A giant pastry? For the whole village How big was it? The size of this table The width and the length It took 8 people to carry it And do a lot of foreigners visit this market? Yes, you have specialised tours. We know of two companies Yes, there are other companies that come here We think this is interesting because there is such a wide variety of things Especially all the different fruits But what motivates us most is visiting the festivals I think that is something new for us and also for the people we take We really don’t know what we’ll encounter The idea is to interact with the people in the market Ask them stuff, they are very happy to talk They will tell you everything you want to know But at the moment you have a blog where you talk about these markets? We’re a building our website at the moment I sent you the link Yes, I will put the link in the description It’s called Chasing Plazas, right? The link I sent you is from wordpress We don’t use that one anymore The new website is We’ve got the URL Our page has a part for our blog where we publish articles We want this experience to be an introduction for foreigners which they can then use for the rest of their stay in Colombia For example we have tips on how to negotiate with vendors so you get a better price So what? When you get here looking like a gringo you don’t get the best price? That never happened to me It’s an art form Francisco’s family is paisa, they are good at negotiating What’s your best tip for when you are negotiating with a vendor? What’s the strategy? It’s like a dance You need to follow a few steps First you ask what the price is and then you say: But why is it so expensive? But why is it so expensive? With a very serious face You don’t get impressed easily And then you ask: What’s the minimum price? If I take them right now, what’s the price? Then you say that it’s still too expensive And then you start to leave The person will start lowering the price while you walk away For me the issue is that things aren’t expensive I feel quite bad saying: 20,000 pesos, why is it so expensive? What’s this? It’s called Changua What is in it? It has egg, bread swimming in milk A swimming pool of milk and coriander Looks like it’s quite heavy? It’s a very good breakfast That’s like breakfast and lunch together, like brunch That’s very funny: Changua is like brunch So the idea is we’ll do a tour of the market We’ve already seen the flower market But now I know: Why is it so expensive? Why so expensive? What’s your best price? If I buy it now, how much would it be? Oh no, that’s very expensive They also know I am a foreigner with my gringo face. They know 20,000 isn’t much What do you think of the market? All very expensive? I’ve been to several markets before But since I used to live in Chia I never came to this one I’ve never been here and things are almost for free Not free but super cheap Thank you for the invitation Lets find a cash point and buy some flowers I’m showing them around This fruit you need to eat with honey? How do you eat a chontaduro? A lot of people eat it only with salt With salt? Salt and honey No? This isn’t starting well if two people don’t want to eat it Did you put salt? Yes, a little bit A little is enough I can imagine that with honey it’s a lot better Honey, salt and lime It’s very dry Well, lets wait to see if we can find honey This is to get rid of the taste of the chontaduro This one has a little pitt inside This is much better This one everybody likes There really is no comparison The other one is a protein It’s from a palm tree, the other from a tree It’s different It’s very nice And it’s called mangostino? Yes, mangostino and is originally from Asia I already have a different taste in my mouth Sapote This one is sweet This one has a lot of fibre Vitamin D We’re all looking at you Of everything that you ate, the chontaduro is the healthiest It gives more energy? It’s a meat replacer, it’s protein It’s a vegetable protein The problem is the taste That’s a high price to pay On top of that it helps with oestrogen levels And for guys it helps with….. This is to tame who? Your enemy? Your partner when she is untamable? What’s this? Soap This is to tame your wife And this is soap, what else does it come with? Don’t some of these come with something to read? And this stuff works? There are too many vitamins in these fruits for him This fruit you can also find in Asia but it doesn’t have any flavour Here it’s much sweeter And what’s this one called? Granadilla And you eat it like this in one go? It comes with little seeds but you can eat those I never eat them It’s nice but it feels weird when you eat it I never eat the seeds I’m sure your wife has had this before It’s nice It’s a different texture So your company is called Chasing Plazas And the website is? I will put the link in the description, go and check it out Thank you very much for the tour And thank you as well