Top PREGNANCY MYTHS AND FACTS By Dietitian Jyoti Chabria

Hi, I am Jyothi Chabria. There are several
myths that people have, in fact its a belief that eating papaya is not okay in pregnancy
because it tends to cause abortions. However this is only a myth because papaya is in fact
very rich in beta-keratin and fiber. And its one of the best nutrients for digestion, it
helps in digestion. Another thing that people keep asking me is that does saffron or help
in having a fair child. Well, this is just a myth, it has no basis to it at all. And,
milk, they believe that white things cause result in fair babies, this again is another
myth which is not true. What is the whole idea about having a good diet? The diet, the
law of nature is that the baby is never compromised. That’s the reason you see people even who
are in the lower income group, when they have their babies, their babies are pretty healthy,
but it is the mother that is compromised much earlier in life. That is why you see, mothers
of laborers and those kind of people, they end up into fluorosis and osteoporosis much
earlier in life than one who takes a proper diet. I do remember a patient who, I was doing
my rounds in one of the hospitals and she looked really sad and she said, like she was
starving, she has a caesarean section and as we all know post 24 hours the patient is
always nil by mouth and then we slowly we start on liquids, then semi solids and then
solids. But, it was the third day of her delivery and apparently she had not been given anything
to eat because they believe that if you start eating you tend to have gas and things like
that. So, I simple took it up like this and told the patient, I asked the elderly lady
with her, I said is she able to lactate? she said no madam, she is not able to lactate.
So I said what’s she eaten? So, she said we have given her only gruel, gruel is rice water.
So, I said why? she says because we believe that if you give them dals, there will be
pus formation and things like that. And I said, look if you are going to do like this,
she is not going to be able to lactate at all, because she is not eating enough. So,
immediately I have given them a diet chart which is ideal for lactation and the next
day when I went on my rounds, I saw this girl really happy and I knew I think I had done
the trick because her mother in law has allowed her to eat everything that she needed to eat.
So, there are lot of beliefs that people have like people believe that if you eat tour dal
post-delivery, you have pus formation, the stitches don’t heal, which is really not correct.
Some people believe that don’t give them anything for 4-5 days till you know they settle down,
all their organs settle down, but again that’s not correct. Now, in India, people believe
you give a lot of ghee, which is fat basically, but in today’s time we do not follow those
concepts anymore really speaking. Anything given in moderation is fine but anything given
in excess is not okay.