Top 3 Exercises for Press Handstand

What’s up guys I’m Dan Jeong, welcome
back to my channel. It’s been a while guys. I’ve been so busy working on my new website and my business And it is finally able to launch now So if you are curious, I will put my website in the link down below In today’s video, I will be teaching you
guys top 3 exercises to start training for the
press handstand. Let’s get started. First exercise is the toe taps. This is a great exercise that builds a proper
compression strength and it’s a killer exercise for your hip flexors. Get your hands down on the floor and elevate
your hips as much as you can. If you are not flexible, it is ok to bend
your leg slightly. Shift your shoulder slightly forward and make
your feet as light as possible, as if they are about to come off. And try to lightly tap your elbows with your
toe. To make this even more challenging, try putting
a small weight plate. You must be even more compressed in order
to clear your legs up. Just try a few reps and you will realize how
hard this exercise is. Second exercise is the partial L sit press. Get into a L-sit and try to pull your hips
up as high as possible while maintaining straight elbows. The higher you go, the harder it will be. Also adjust the height of your hands according
to your ability. The lower you place your hands, the more compression
you will need to press up. This is a great way to build proper core and
shoulder strength. Last exercise is the press handstand lift
off in an elevated surface. This is probably the hardest out of all 3
exercises so I listed at the end. Elevate your feet and get your hips up as
high as possible. Slowly lean forward and try to make your feet
as light as possible. This is going to feel very similar with the
first exercise, except that you will try to lift up your legs for a split second in the
air. Even if you cannot take your legs off, do
not worry too much. Just practice shifting your weight forward
and back. Ok those are the top 3 exercises that I would
recommend to get the press handstand. And in order to do the press handstand, obviously
you need to be able to do a regular handstand. And I actually just launched a new handstand
program that teaches you how to do handstand in a comprehensive manner, so go check out
the link below if you are interested. I will be giving you 50% discount as a launch
special. Thank you so much for watching, and I will
see you in my next video. Peace!