The Best Homemade Yogurt Ever –  ترفندهای مهم برای درست کردن ماست خانگی خوشمزه به همراه دو نکته مهم

The Best Homemade Yogurt Ever – ترفندهای مهم برای درست کردن ماست خانگی خوشمزه به همراه دو نکته مهم

Hi to all dear friends In today’s recipe I prepared homemade yogurt And it’s because Many of you, especially Those friends who live abroad They may Face with the problem that, finding yogurt That’s appealing to our taste Can be hard And maybe yourself experienced this Because here, in America and Canada As far as I know, mostly available yogurts In stores are, Greek yogurt And fruit yogurt Literally all of them have sweet taste Well, compared to yogurts we could find in Iran It’s totally different and not the same So I decided that I will prepare homemade yogurt Well in terms of the value of food It has higher quality and it’s more healthy It doesn’t contain preservative And overall the quality is higher And also the cost is less You can, make it once in high volume and Store and consume it at your convenience Okay Ingredients needed for preparing homemade yogurt You will need pasteurized milk with no antibiotics With normal amount of microbial load Over here usually in packed milks This information is mentioned And inside Iran It’s better to use fresh milks that their expiration period is maximum 4-5 days I advise not to use packed milk with long expiration date For best results use pasteurized fresh milk I pour the milk in the pot Because I like yogurt a lot and we consume lots of yogurt in our home Every time I make yogurt, I make it in large volume In here, I used about 3.5 Liters of fresh milk I turn on the stove and turn it to lowest heat setting So that milk warms up gradually And about 20% to 30% of its water evaporates It’s important use Whole Milk or Full Fat Milk in making homemade yogurt The higher milk solids will result in rich and creamy yogurt Another point to consider and I advise is To use non-stick pot or ceramic pot Because even if you boil the milk on low heat Still it will form layer sticking at bottom of pot Now that we want to heat the milk on low heat for one hour And when I empty the pot I will show you how the sticky layer formed So I highly recommend choosing a pot that it will be easier to clean and wash Okay, it’s been an hour now and as you can notice Our milk is slightly evaporated I pour the milk into a bowl And give it some time until it cools off Well, after 15 minutes the temperature of the milk is lowered As indication, insert your fingertip into the milk And hold it few second, if its not too hot It’s the right time to add the milk starter (yogurt) Something to consider when adding the starter is Preferably use organic yogurt This is one of the highest quality yogurt i can find here in the market And they are free of preservatives For every 1 liter of milk you should add 1.5 to 2 TBSP yogurt If you prefer thicker yogurt add 2 full TBSP I like the yogurt to be thick so i add 2 tbsp per liter I added little salt to my yogurt Stir it to get uniformed starter Add a little bit of the boiled milk to our starter (few tbsp) Stir it again And we add the starter to the milk We stir it all to make sure all ingredients are mixed Now we should go to incubation stage I lay a tray on top of my bowl Make sure to leave some gap Cover it all with clothes or blanket and leave it in warm place About 4 hours we let it rest without any movement And then we place it in the fridge Well, it’s been about 4 to 5 hours And you can see how I incubated our yogurt I remove the cover And I try my best to place it into the fridge without making it move much At this stage, it’s better to leave your yogurt in the fridge for 24 hours till it cools down and don’t touch it, You can consume it afterwards Okay dear friends, as you can see our yogurt is ready I gave it 24 hours time in the fridge without touching it It got nice thick and creamy texture You can see that The water sitting on top of yogurt is rich of protein And it’s so nutritious, so don’t toss it away You can drink it as Dough (Yogurt Drink) Thank you for watching, i hope you try this homemade yogurt and enjoy it.