The Benefits of Eating Quality Red Meat | Charles R. Poliquin

Read meat. I get this question asked all the time is
it as evil as it’s supposed to be, or is it a cure all. These are my thoughts on red meat, I eat red
meat on a daily basis. How much red meat? At least one point two kilos a day sometimes
I eat two kilos a day, is that a lot of meat? Well, if I compare myself to a Lakota Indian
it’s actually quite low. They used to eat four kilos a day, so eight
point eight pounds. But they didn’t eat much of anything else. So it depends on what’s the make up of your diet. But what I find with clients, one thing I’m
sure is that if I introduce quality red meat in your diet their brain function improves,
their sleep improves, their energy improves, their ability to put muscle mass on, their
ability to lose body fat improves. But the key word is quality. Hot dogs you could say that’s red meat but
that’s not really meat. Okay. One of the reasons why I live in Colorado
is because I have access to quality meat every day within a five-minute drive. So if you look at my fridge I got yak, I got
ostrich, I got bison, I got grass fed beef, I got elk. Where I go on vacation is dictated by the
quality meat I can have. Where I go teach is also a qualified by where
can I get good meat. People say are you gonna come and teach here
in Stuttgart? No! Because it’s really hard to find good meat. Can I find good meat or fish in Marbella Spain? Yes that’s why I’ve opened up a gym there. That’s why I like to teach in Estonia. That’s why I like to teach in Australia because
in Australia you can actually have very good meat. But i don’t teach in places like Boston and
New York because it’s like really challenging to find quality meat. What’s important to know there’s nothing wrong
with red meat if you eat enough vegetables so, if you don’t balance your diet there’s
a problem because you do need. But if you’re interested in high quality brain
function, high quality muscle performance, I think it’s really hard to do it without
red meat. But the most important thing is that do you
invest in the best meat possible? The other day I forgot to stock my fridge,
came back from Montenegro, there was no red meat for breakfast, I had to go to a restaurant,
I did order steak for breakfast, but within the first bite I could really tell that was
not quality meat and when you use a good meat then you know, you can see how it does for
your brain and your muscles. So one of the things I notice with clients
is that when I add quality red meat to their diet I have to take away something so usually
what I do I take away? Poor quality meat and I take away grains. But what happens to my clients’ blood well,
what we see is that the lipid profile improves. I don’t like the standard lipid profile I use
what they call the VIP okay, and I look at the quality of the HDL versus just a number
in HDL. I look at the quality of the LDL. I look at triglycerides but when you increase
someone’s quality meat, what you see is the cardiovascular risk factors for lipoproteins
to things like triglycerides changes dramatically. But one of the most interesting things I see
is how their blood sugar management improves so they’re resting insulin is lower, their
resting fasting glucose is lower but the HB1AC, which is a marker of aging by what the insulin
did as far as damage to your red blood cell, improves. So controlling blood sugar is actually done
very well by having quality red meat in your diet