Tennis Elbow Exercise “Tyler Twist”

hi i’m Dr. Pedersen and we’re going to
be going over an exercise to help with tennis elbow something that is really
good in rehabbing tennis this exercise is fantastic for helping to strengthen
the muscle in what we call eccentric loading something you should understand
about muscles, muscles can contract while they shorten as in my biceps
shortening as it contracts but they can also lengthen as they contract that’s as
I bring the weight back down. Most muscles get hurt from a sports
perspective in eccentric loading which is muscle lengthening as it contracts
and so this exercise is all based on creating eccentric strength. So what
we’re going to do is take, and these steps are very important so we’ll go
through them slowly. First thing we’re going to do is put our wrist back in
extension and our elbow by our side. We’re going to put the Thera bar in our
hand stay in this position we’re going to take our other hand facing away from
us put it up on top of the Thera bar and with it back as far as it can go, our
elbow as far as we can, rotate and then we’re going to take keeping our
wrist back bring our arms straight and then we’re going to slowly let our wrist
go out. With that we’re going to get eccentric loading of this, a lengthening
of the muscle as we contract against the bar, we’re also going to get a good
stretch right at the end. That shouldn’t be painful for you.