Taking Cuttings of Guava Fruit Trees to form roots – Hawaiian Guava Pink Supreme Plant

Now look at these beautiful fruits. This is
the Hawaiian Guava and this particular one is the Pink Supreme and it’s a cutting grown
selection. Now the Hawaiian Guava is famous for these beautiful pink fruits and they have
a wonderful aroma so even just coming near the tree you can get that beautiful smell
of fresh Guava and you cut them open and it just fills the surrounds so they are a really
delicious aromatic fruit. They use these to make Guava juice but they’re also delicious
eaten fresh off the tree and they hide inside these green fruits so when you look at the
tree it just looks like it’s covered in green fruit but once they start to slightly go yellow
you can usually just touch them and they’ll fall off when they’re ripe and you’ll get
stacks of guavas off one tree so they’re really productive and they’re great in fruit salads
and juices and really wonderful just eaten as they are so I love this particular guava
it’s my favourite of the guavas. I like the colour and like the flavour and I also like
the tree. So they are a tropical tree they do best in the tropics or the subtropics and
do prefer a frost free position if you look inside the tree you’ll see they have this
beautiful ornamental bark so they are just a really gorgeous plant to grow in the garden
and you can prune it up to expose that bark so you can actually see that in your garden
as well because it is a true asset of the tree it is really a beautiful thing to grow
in pots because it’s cutting grown so if you have a nice warm position, good drainage,
keep the moisture up to them when they’re fruiting and you’ll pick a massive amount
of fruit off one small tree. Now we’ve just….. Paning just come down and joined us in the
orchard and she’s taking cuttings off this Pink Supreme Hawaiian guava that we’ve just
been looking at so what she’s doing is she’s taking all of the tips off the trees and she’s
going to strike these as cuttings so this is how we produce our pink supreme Hawaiian
guavas which is a cutting grown selection we’ll go and visit Paning later today and
she can show us how she actually strikes these cuttings but that’s basically what she’s going
to cut so she is going to cut all the tips off this tree and hopefully she’ll cut a few
bits of fruit as she goes. So just preparing the cuttings here the bottom leaves are removed
and some of the other leaves are cut in half and that actually reduces some of the moisture
loss. They are then dipped into a rooting hormone this is a clonex rooting hormone so
that’s a purple clonex and then the cuttings will be put into this mix here and this mix
is actually a perlite and peat moss mix so the perlite has perfect drainage and the peat
moss actually retains a bit of moisture so we find that, that is a really ideal mix for
root formation so the cuttings are just gently pushed into that and then firmly pushed down
so that holds them upright and the next really important stage is to label our cuttings so
these are some propagation labels that we have so this tells us what it is that we’re
propagating it’s the source so where the cuttings have come from and who’s done them and where
they’ve been produced so the plants are then labeled with those and they go into our propagation
house to form roots. So this is in our propagation house and these are Hawaiian supreme cuttings
that were taken at the end of February so that’s just over a month ago and you can see
in amongst them there’s a few that have failed most of them are actually a success so they’re
going to stay on these heated benches for another month or so until we can actually
see roots at the bottom of the pots and then they will be ready to pot on into their own
pots at that stage they go into potting mix and get fertilised so it’s not until they
have their own root systems that we apply any fertilisers to the cuttings. And this
is the finished product so this is a cutting grown Hawaiian Guava Pink Supreme and you
can see that it’s already flowering and this is the advantage of a cutting grown plant
so they do flower and fruit much quicker than a seed grown plant. This is basically a miniature
mature Hawaiian guava and it’s going to produce the same fruit that the Parent tree had and
it’s going to produce that fruit much quicker than a seedling plant would. So they’re is
lots of advantages of growing a cutting grown selection.