Symptoms of  Diabetes : Treatment, Causes & Diet | Tamil Health Tips

Symptoms of Diabetes : Treatment, Causes & Diet | Tamil Health Tips

Symptoms of Diabetes : Treatment, Causes & Diet | Tamil Health Tips All of us have concern about diabetes and even though there are ways to prevent it by exercise, diet etc., Most of us are unaware what to do after getting diabetes and if the sugar level is slightly more people worry that they can’t take sweets anymore. Anybody can get affected by diabetes and there is type 1 and type 2 diabetes. We can be affecting by diabetes during pregnancy period also and let us see what are the beneficial foods for diabetes. Even new born babies are affected by diabetes and normally child’s weight doesn’t reduce. But children with diabetes problem will have more appetite, excess thirst, frequent urination. So it is better to take blood test if they have more appetite but lose weight There is no special diet for them they can take normal food which consists of protein, carbohydrate, cholesterol, fibre, calcium and iron. We should divide our meals into small portions and take and we should never skip meals as we will eat more in the next meal. Traditional food like sathu maavu, groundnut, channa, roasted gram, poha rice, nuts and fruits are good for our children. Fruits can be taken as whole instead of juice and vegetables can be added in dosa or roti but everything should be limited. We can prevent diabetes due to food habits and hereditary and children should be careful if their parents had diabetes. Avoid taking sugar, palm jaggery, take less oily foods, using variety of oils instead of using the same type of oil. Monthly 1/2 litre oil is enough for a person, take more vegetable, less rice, take freuits and greens to be healthy. Pregnant women with diabetes should take iron and calcium rich food, one type of green, cabbage leaves, mint leaves, corainder leaves & cauliflower leaves. To increase your immunity and to get vitamin C take an amla everyday, drink milk, go for a walk in sunlight to get natural Vitamin D. Take less white foods like rice, sugar, maida and some people take more food thinking they have to take food for two. It is a wrong practice which may cause diabetes, obesity, overweight child, heart disease etc., As elderly people cannot eat raw vegetables they can take boiled vegetables. Otherwise they can grind whole grains, dal, nut etc into flour and make porridge, dosa etc and take. You should not add bread or biscuit in your diet as it will cause constipation and take fibre rich food to avoid constipation. Elderly people should take milk and curd to protect their bones and to be healthy.