SUPER FAST DINNER FOR EVER YOUNG! HEALTHY DIET! Vitamin C and Flaxseed Bread. Formula 62, Ostrovsky

Hello dear friends!
So, formula No. 62 See what is it about.
It’s a macrobiotic formula for cooking natural bread which is prepared from
either from wheat or from rye or slept You see, it contains flaxseeds
(they do not oxidize while being cooked) Also here you see
it contains a little kenzo powder and salt, nothing more,
we took ordinary grain grain is bought so you tell to the
seller that you need a grain for sprouting so that with the whole skin.
This is the grain. Then simply grind it into a paste like this, add a small grated bulb of onion
and two, three or more spoons of flaxseeds. You mix it and get a paste.
To this paste you add a bit of water and knead it and
make cakes like these. Here they are! Put them on silicone mat, just in the stove, and that’s it –
in half an hour you’ll have this awesome primal bread. This is a whole grain, this is what gives us strength,
energy and the will to win because grain is our life, it is a small
sun that shines today for us.
And we all love bread and will never eat what is given to us for bread. It is a flour but not bread.
A whole bread may look ugly but it’s reliable Now I’ll show you all the dinner
we can just eat with you today.
Here is mung bean sprouts, it takes two minutes to cook this soup.
If you want mung bean sprouts soup like this you may also take garlic, ginger root and
that’s it, a bit of salt is here too It’s very tasty and nutritious and awesome.
Now here’s to this rough bread I always prepare onions.
Blue onion is super with pepper and lemon juice, a little spoon of butter
can be added and a little honey. That’s all, or you can take just onions with lemon juice
and pepper. A magnificent gamma which combines and gives very much
energy because all the same onion contains 14 percent sucrose,
this is a lot of blood sugar but not as dangerous as
natural sugar, this is another sugar. A little garlic, tomatoes are here,
celery – necessarily. Mustard is here. You see, I added turmeric in it. Let it be 3 tablespoons of mustard
and one and a half spoons of turmeric Well, everything else is original
mustard and it’s just fantastic And these rolls are buckwheat wrapped in seaweed Well, fine seaweed, and there’s garlic,
tomatoes and onions. It’s a work of art already. All this sates…
Here are the mung bean sprouts and soy sprouts too I do the same with soybean sprouts and it’s
even better of course Well, here is our little dinner.
You can add a piece of fish here and you’ll be happy And you know that
a little goes a long way Here, Afanasiy sends you greetings And till next time, dear friends.
I wish you all the best Now you can cook a dinner like this,
make bread like this and you will be the happiest person.
If anyone eats such bread, then he never gets sick at all.
That’s It. Till next time!