Study Nutrition at Deakin – Practical experience

I finished high school and then I took a bit
of a break and went traveling and went to North America where their food system is a
lot different to what it is here in Australia. Their cheese doesn’t taste like cheese does
here, their chocolate doesn’t taste like chocolate does here, and that’s when I developed my passion
for nutrition and health. So far I have loved the practical components
of the course. It’s really complemented my learning. I’ve done the food and nutrition study tour to
Thailand which was amazing. That was so much fun, an opportunity to get
to know other students and get to know your teachers as well. I also have been doing practical placemnet
at Geelong Football Club. The hands on experience that comes with placement
is probably the most valuable part. Some of the aspects of nutrition I’ve loved
studying would be the physiology side, learning the relationship between food and disease
and how we can help people to focus on preventative health and using your diet to prevent disease. There’s definitely a lack of education of
nutrition. Most people probably don’t even know they are not
getting enough of these nutrients and it’d be great to educate more people about the benefits
of a healthy diet. By educating people you can give them the
tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle.