Should I mix fruits and vegetables when Juicing? Differences between fresh and bottled Juices.

Alright, this is John Kohler with
Got a question the other day about juicing fruits. ‘Hey, John,’ you know, ‘can we juice
fruits? What juicer is goof to juice fruits? Can I juice the rind of fruits? Should I juice
fruit? Should I juice the seeds of fruits?’ And you know what? This video’s going to answer
all your questions about juicing fruits. So, the question is should I even juice fruits
with my juicer? Well, in my opinion, juicers are not the best appliance to process fruits.
In my opinion, blenders are better appliances to process fruits and I have a couple reasons
for this. Number 1, the juicer is basically designed to juice things with hard fiber.
So, things like ac carrot, things like greens, things like celery and beets, things like
that, and when you have and you’re trying to juice fruits, it’s a lot different consistency.
I can literally take grape in my hand and squeeze the grape and literally squeeze out
the juice, but I couldn’t take a carrot and squeeze out the juice out of the carrot unless
I was Arnold Schwarzenegger or something like that. So, that’s where juicers really come
into to extract the nutrition, the nutrients, the liquid, liquid gold, from that, you know,
those vegetables, and put it into your glass if you can juice is and while we can easily
the nutrition in the grape or other fruits by literally chewing it as we put it in, we
chew and the juices release into our mouths to give the great taste sensation, it tastes
so good. Try to do the same things with a carrot. I mean, you’ll put the carrot in your
mouth, it’ll taste kind of dry and gritty and, you know what? Not so good, but if you
juice carrot juice, you know, to me it tastes really good, it’s really sweet. So, that’s
really the benefit of the juicer. So, can you juice fruits? Yes, you can. Some juicers
will do better than others and some fruits are more conducive to juicing than others.
Alright, this John Kohler with Today I have a special treat for you. I’m
going to talk about juicing fruit. So, we had a question the other day about juicing
fruits. You know, ‘Hey, John, can I juice fruit? Should I juice fruits? What juicer
is good to juice fruits? Tell me about juicing fruits.’ So, now we’re going to talk about
making fruit juice cocktails or mixes. So, can you mix different fruits when you’re making
juices, you know? What’s the best? Should I do it? Well, you know what? You can do anything
you want in your kitchen, making all kinds of crazy creations you want, mixing apples
and oranges and grapes and watermelon, all in one juice, but let me tell you something.
If you mix all these things all in one juice, you know, you may not digest it that well.
You may get some indigestion and bloating because each fruit digests a little bit differently
in our bodies at, you know, different times. So, for me, I listen to what Jay Cordage,
the juice man, says. He says basically the only things you should be juicing, you know,
with your vegetables, are things like apples and pears, or even Asian pears. They’re fairly
neutral and you can juice those with some vegetables like a green juice, for example,
but other things I tend to just juice them by themselves. The juice man also said melons
alone or leave them alone. So, you know, when I’m juicing melons, I will juice melons by
themselves. So, for the most part, I’m what’s called the monofruit juicer, if I do juice
my fruits. I like to only juice piece of produce at a time. Does that mean you should do that
or you shouldn’t do that? Well, you know, I’ll leave that up to you. In your kitchen,
you can do whatever you want but I encourage you to, you know, try to just juice one things
at a time. If I’m juicing citrus fruits, for example, I’ll actually just stay in the citrus
category. So, maybe I’ll make a, you know, tangerine lemon juice, but I won’t juice tangerines
with my apples, although very rarely I’ll juice, you know, carrots with orange. That’s
a pretty neat drink, too. So, you know, it just depends on you, what you want to do,
but I encourage you to, you know, only mix apples, pears, and Asian pears with your vegetables
juices and with the other fruits, you know, I don’t tend to mix them a lot, but you can
if you want. Alright, so now we’re going to talk about the differences between canned
and bottled juices versus make your own fresh juice. Number one is the consistency. As you
can see, this is really liquid, and, you know, if you juice the same things with the juicer
as is in this juice here, it’s basically grape juice, apple juice, raspberry juice, blackberry
juice, and blueberry juice, you now, it’s going to come out this thin in this juicer.
It’s going to be a lot thicker and rich. We can almost call it a nectar. So, that’s one
of the differences. It’s going to be a lot thicker when you make it at home. Another
thing that’s going to be different is it’s going to be a lot more nutritious when you
make it at home. These are made in big industrial factories and, you know, they basically pasteurize
the juice. To make this juice, they’re not using a juicer like this probably. They’re
probably steam distilling the juice. Literally they heat up the juicer and get all the essences
of the juice. It’s called a steam juicer. It’s how the easiest way to do it, people
that do canning and stuff know all about steam juicers, but you’re going to lose all the
enzymes and some of the nutrients when you do that. Also, some of these juices, you know,
some of the things they do is, I mean, this says 100% juice in there, and it is 100% juice,
but, you know, some juicers may add, you know, sugars and things to sweeten it. This is actually
really 100% juice, but it is still made with concentrates and they do have some, you know,
natural preservative in there. So, when you make it at home, you’re not going to get any
of that. You’re going to have real juice, and if it’s too thick for you, you know what?
Just add a little but of water. So, making fresh juices at home is, in my opinion, much
better than buying bottles juices, but it’s always good, better, best, in my opinion.
You know, definitely making fresh fruit juices at your home is the best. This is probably
better than drinking a, you know, soda, for example. So, you know, we’re going to meet
you where you’re at and hopefully if you buy a juicer you can make your own fresh juices
at home. So, this is John Kohler with Be sure to visit
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