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today I’m going to share with you
something that I just did for a client of mine so many people I know get in the
rut of they eat great for breakfast, have a good healthy snack they get through a healthy lunch, maybe in the afternoon they start to pick or they grab something unhealthy from
the vending machine but then there may be a little bit late to get home or
theyre in a rush or they didnt have time to get to the grocery store and they end up
going for leftover pizza ordering a pizza or eating leftover Chinese or
ordering Chinese or eating yucky highly processed loaded with chemical frozen
meal what I’m going to show you today does not involve real real cooking. These
are not recipes these are not gourmet meals so that’s
not what you’re going to get today and if you want a gourmet meal press stop. You don’t want to watch this. that’s not
what this is about this is about super practical fast ways to get in a fast meal
that’s not a fast food meal and that’s not a totally chemically processed laden frozen meal. these are called makeshift meals. Hey Everyone! I’m Keri Glassman, Welcome to your most
Nutritious Life. what we came up with was always having
around a couple different types of canned beans going vegetarian a couple
times a week can be easiest way to have a fast easy makeshift meal. So what we
came up with for this person what they’re gonna have different beans around and
then take them either heat them up with a little olive oil garlic salt pepper or
different any really herbs and spices a little cayenne actually on chickpeas is
excellent so they’re gonna take that heat them up and then add it to even just
bagged lettuce. So this persons gonna always have a bag of lettuce around so add those
beans so least they’re hot to your lettuce. and Voila there you have a
little makeshift vegetarian meal the next one eggs are not just for breakfast friends.
And again I told you this was not gourmet cooking I told you this wasn’t a fancy meal and I’m not teaching you to cook here what I’m teaching you to do here is to be
prepped and have your makeshift go to options take some eggs and scramble them up you
don’t even need to know how to make a quiche or a frittata. I’m talking simple
scrambled eggs and then just saute some veggies whatever veggies you
have around and if you don’t have any around because that’s how little cooking
you do and you only have these few items around then just use some frozen
vegetables or even canned vegetables which I don’t like as much but you can
have a couple for real backup but having frozen veggies around satueeing those,
putting them with some scrambled eggs you have a meal you’re getting some protein you’re
getting in fiber you’re getting in antioxidants you actually are having a
real meal it just might not be as gourmet or what you think of being a
traditional dinner. Think breakfast for dinner and you’ve got another makeshift
go to fast meal. Next I want you to think in bulk so this does require a teeny bit of
cooking but what I want you to do is cook in bulk something like a quinoa. Cook it
ahead and then you can you use it as the base of your meal for a couple dinners
and even for lunch you can use it hot or you can use it
cold if you want to use it cold add some to that bagged lettuce I already referred to
that you’re going to keep in your fridge and then you can also add in some more
canned beans so then you’re adding in the canned beans not in a hot way this time
you’re doing a cold meal and throw in again if you have any other vegetables
but if you don’t have any other vegetables around that’s still a real
meal. If you have a little bit more time and you want to really go crazy grill
some chicken and add the grilled chicken or make sort of like up almost
like a stir fry with the chicken with the quinoa, but the quinoas already made
so just stir fry the chicken with some veggies and throw in the quinoa and you
have a whole complete meal. Again it’s not like fine dining but you’re at least
getting in a balance of nutrients. You’re getting in fiber are you getting antioxidants you’re getting in some protein. It works and it does the trick and its way
better than ordering in some junk or going for some frozen gross meal that you have.
It’s not that difficult to have these sort of little makeshift I’ve said makeshift so many
times but it’s my favorite word when it comes to this topic meal so don’t clutter up the fridge just
have the things you need and load up your freezer instead with the right types of
frozen foods you can buy organic frozen vegetables almost any kind of vegetable at
any grocery store now everything from sweet potatoes to broccoli to kale you get
all sorts of frozen vegetables stock up your freezer don’t use the excuse that
you don’t buy foods because they’re gonna go bad and then make sure you do a little
bit of cooking in bulk but it could be something as simple as just making bulk
quinoa, keep eggs around, think breakfast for dinner and go vegetarian by stocking up with
some beans to keep in your pantry you’ve got it you totally have this no more ordering
in junk no more driving through the fast food wherever you go because
you’re on your way home and you don’t have time to prep. I’m going to show you a list
below of the very few items that should keep on hand to make all of these I’m
saying it one more time makeshift meals. If you like these tips and
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