¿Qué es la dieta Paleo?

Hi, welcome to my YouTube cannel. I’m here again with Gabe, our CrossFit expert. Yeah! Today we’ll talk about nutrition versus CrossFit. Gabe, What’s a Paleo diet? Let me tell you it has lots of benefits. Although Paleo is a lifestyle, a good nutrition plan, it may feel a bit restrictive for some people. Because, in our Latin cultures, back in our countries, there are some foods that have been integrated into our traditional cuisine, so there are some elements of the Paleo diet that don’t fit in. Yes. I read that it includes a lot of meat. Is that it? Lots of meat, exactly.
Normally, that’s what was hunted, right? Back in the Paleolithic Era, humans hunted all sorts of animals. We fished, because that’s where we got our protein. Not from other sources like milk; for example, which didn’t exist back then. Well it did back then, but it wasn’t produced nor consumed like it is today. Yes. Is Paleo very different from a normal diet? It’s a bit different. But they have a similar focus. Always, the portions you have to eat are… They are exact! Not exact, completely.
But there’s always a portion guide. There are other diet plans where higher protein intake is advised. Right, right. It has a lot to do with your lifestyle.
For instance, if you workout a lot. Or if you have a really demanding job. Imagine people who work 8 hours a day under the sun doing physical labor, they need a lot more protein. We’ll be back next week with Gabe.
Kisses Gabe, thanks for coming. Thanks for inviting me, Silu.