assalamualaikum guys my name is Basharat
and today i’m gonna be doing my first Q&A on this channel i’ve actually wanted
to do one ever since i hit a hundred subscribers but then i got caught up in
making other videos and so now i finally got the time to do so so last week i
asked you guys on my social and in my last youtube video if you guys had any
questions and I got a couple of questions I’m gonna answer in this video
so before we get started on answering your questions I just want to thank
everybody that sent me a question I really appreciate it
the first question is if you could eat the same food for the rest of your life
what would it be so this one is actually a really easy one for me because my
favorite food in the world is chicken and I don’t think I could actually ever
get bored of it I mean I’ve never had it for like 10 days in a row or something
like that but I don’t think I could really
actually ever get bored of it so and the reason for that is because you can make
chicken so many different ways I mean you can do baked you can do fried you
can do boiled all sorts of things with it so I think I have to go with chicken
for that one the next question is what did you get on the AP laying the exam I
actually got a 76 on the AP lang exam which was lower than I expected because
I kind of made one really big and stupid mistake that I don’t even know how I
made but I actually called a literary device another literary device
that It wasn’t supposed to be so that was kind of one big mistake but I
mean I think I did pretty good anyways so yeah the next question is are you
thinking about doing more vlogs with your friends I’m actually planning on
doing a video about a day in my life kind of video so if you guys are
interested in that make sure to leave a like below and that would just be me I
I don’t know if I want to do it on the weekend or on a weekday during a school
day um so I’ll actually put a pole right up here if you guys want to go ahead and
answer that for me on which one I should do and I’ll just do whatever you guys
want so the next question is what my favorite hobby is and that is definitely
gonna have to be making YouTube videos for you guys to enjoy and I really just
love editing videos doing the thumbnails all that sort of stuff so the next
question is what is something that nobody knows about you I’ll actually get
back to this question after I’m done with the rest so hang on tight the
next question is how much did I get on the precalc
exam and the next question is what my dream career is and I really don’t know
what my dream career is I’m just like trying out everything and seeing what I
like best but I think it’s definitely gonna have to be something in tech and
the video world the next question is do you think you will do YouTube
permanently or just as a side hobby for now I’m just doing YouTube as a fun
thing and I mean if it turns into something that I can do like permanently
then I probably will do it but I’m planning on keeping as a side hobby for
now the next question comes from bad meme and it says will you
acknowledge that I am you biggest fan okay you’re my biggest fan if you’re my
biggest fan then I’d like you to promote the crap out of every single one of my
videos from now on Thank You biggest fan this next question
comes from my last video about my goals which you should definitely check out
right here I’m not 100% sure that I can get all A’s because I know things happen
but inshallah I will be able to get all A’s if I try hard enough so random
accountant who wants to know a lot of things about me so let’s go through each
of his questions or her questions and answer them question number one how big
is your family I have two brothers and two sisters one which one of which was
in my last video I have two parents number two what else do you like doing
in your free time besides YouTube or exercise I like to organize my closet in
my free time it gets really messy because of my little brother I already
answered this one but whatever are you planning to be YouTube as a career or
are you interested in something else yes I’d like to do something in the tech
world but YouTube as a career I’m not so sure about that number four would you
say you’re good in school academically yes number five do you like me well yes
I do like you because I like every single one of my viewers and I like you
especially because you left a great comment on my video so thank you for
that okay guys so now back to that question that I said I was gonna answer
later and that’s I’m just gonna tell you five things that you probably don’t know
about me that I think you should number one is that I’m from Pakistan I came
here when I was four years old or five years old and went to a year of
preschool and then went back went through kindergarten and first grade and
back and Pakistan and then came over here to start the second grade and I
there’s actually a pretty funny story about second grade so I didn’t know any
English when I first came here so they took me out of second grade and put me
in first grade and in first grade I learned all the
English that I really needed to so what they did was they didn’t bump me from
first grade to second grade and instead they actually bumped me from first grade
to third grade so I never really like lost a year or anything like that number
two is that I speak three languages I speak English I speak Urdu which is
Pakistan’s national language and then I speak Pashto which is the language that
we speak where the area that I’m from in Pakistan by the way Pakistan has like a
ton of languages fun fact number three is that I don’t like being told what to
do I just don’t like being told what to do I mean I don’t really know why but it
just like bothers me when people tell me what to do for some weird reason I mean
like I’m not defiant or anything but I just don’t want to be told what to do
so yeah number four is that I hate absolutely hate the taste of protein so
back in the summer when I started working out I actually asked my parents
if they could get me some protein and sure enough they did so I actually drank
it for like the first ten days and then I was just like I can’t take any more of
this and I just stopped drinking it actually one second this one happened he
just wants half empty because I drank like half of each of them and then
because I just couldn’t take it anymore like once I actually threw up because I
drink it and I just like could not handle it so yeah do you hate the taste
of protein let me know in the comments below number five is that I am very
organized most of the time what I mean by most of the time is that like all of
my clothes are like compartmentalized and all of my clothes that need to be
hanged are hung in my closet but sometimes I just get lazy when the
laundry is done and I just like throw everything into my drawers and leave it
like that for a week or so alright guys so that about wraps the
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