Protein Pizza – Protein Treats by Nutracelle

and we are making pizza everybody loves
pizza my kids love pizza my husband loves pizza I love pizza so I wanted to
show you a great recipe for making your own pizza that’s high in protein it’s
actually healthy for you you can put whatever you want on it and the big
trick is going to be the dough you’re going to use for your for your pizza
dough I want you to go and look up our recipe for the Red Lobster cheddar
biscuits that’s what we’re gonna use to make our pizza dough and I’m gonna show
you how we do it up to make the perfect pizza right away okay so we’ve got our
stove top heated up you’re gonna want to have it on about medium heat have a
nonstick frying pan I did put a little bit of spray on mine so that it’s even
easy to flip this over and our pizza crust we’re gonna make just like you
would make a pancake now I have my cheesy biscuit dough recipe right here
and I did add a quarter cup to the to the leftover batter of water just so
that it has a nice consistency and we can put it right onto the frying pan
like that okay look how good that looks so we’re gonna go ahead and just like
you would do pancakes in the morning we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna add
this to our frying pan and when you do it don’t worry at all about getting it
all out perfectly at once you can just kind of go ahead and scoop it all out to
the size that you’re gonna want and then using your spoon thin it out just a
little bit start in the middle and kind of work your way out to the edges
doesn’t have to be perfect at all just so it’s a little thinner and it’ll cook
all the way through for you and this is looking pretty good so just
like you would do a pancake we’re gonna watch it and let it cook all the way
around make sure your Heat’s on about medium
and keep an eye on it you can kind of pull one end up if you want as you go
along but you want to cook it just like a giant pancake okay sleeve er so I’m
just cheated a little bit I’m just kind of pulling it up at the edges to see if
it’s nice and browned and it is and I’m gonna use two spatulas to flip it over
because I’m a little bit of a klutz and there we go that looks amazing now mine
split just a tiny little bit in the middle don’t even worry about it it’s
gonna be perfectly fine and we’re gonna cook that for about another minute on
this side just so it’s cooked all the way through and then we’re gonna put it
in a pan and we’re gonna address our pizza and get ready to make pizza in the
oven with protein so now we’ve kind of checked both sides it looks great we’re
gonna go ahead and we’re just gonna slide this on to our baking sheet so
you’re gonna want to let this cool a little bit before you start putting all
your ingredients on but remember this this is your pizza so whatever you like
for your topics on your pizza go ahead and add I’ll show you what I have I have
a little bit of pizza sauce that I’m gonna put on and I’m just gonna spread
that around I have probably a tablespoon and a half on here I would say and leave
a little bit around the edge that doesn’t have pizza sauce on it
that’s going to be your your pizza crust your pizza edge there we go and then I
love onions I’ve got a little bit of onion here so good and I have some bison
sausage some locally made bison sausage and I’m just gonna put a few pieces of
that on it’s really nice on high-end protein the flavor is absolutely amazing
and fresh basil nothing better on pizza than some fresh basil and of course I
absolutely love spinach so I’m putting some fresh baby spinach leaves right on
top just like that and I have some yellow and orange peppers just toss a
few of those on there and little cherry tomatoes what’s so great about the
little cherry tomatoes is they’re really low in sugar and they’re packed with way
more nutrients than regular Tomatoes so not only do they taste better they’re
actually way better for you and a few mushrooms if you’re not a mushroom fan
don’t leave them on look at this amazing and I have a little
bit of graded asaji oh cheese that I’m gonna put on and then some fresh
mozzarella that I have graded earlier and I’ll put a tiny little bit on
there’s already cheese in our crusts from our dough recipe so I’m not going
to put too much more cheese on just a little bit what I really want is that
fresh taste of all the fresh and really really yummy vegetables look at that
that looks so amazing it looks like a little gourmet pizza we’re gonna pop
that in our oven at 425 for about 10 to 15 minutes and see how our gourmet
protein pizza turns out and we’ve pulled our pizza out it smells unbelievably
good in here I’m just gonna transfer it transfer it from my cookie sheet to my
cutting board look at this you guys know this is a gourmet pizza I’m gonna cut a
little piece here it’s still super super hot can you see the steam coming off so
good it smells so good in here now this right here is what I call a
sleeper treat look at the gooey this here so yummy if you like this
recipe try it out if you liked it click like down below subscribe I would love
to hear your comments I’d love to hear how it turned out for you or what
ingredients you decided to put on your pizza and try it out for yourself in the
meantime I’m gonna have a little bite of my fresh yummy pizza I’ll let you know
ohh mm hmm thought you’re going to love this you’re not gonna believe how good
this is you will love this thank you for watching guys have a great day