Protein Benefits And What To Look Out For When Buying Protein Powder

Hey what’s up we’ve got another video for
you back here with Adam Cloet the supplement man himself where going to talk about protein
in this video and hopefully give you guys some cool tips as far as buying protein goes
and what a quality protein supplement is and what to ah look out for when purchasing protein
and on and off we’ll try and keep it short though we know you don’t have a lot of time
basically I want to get across the important points first of all Adam um lets just go over
really quickly the benefits of protein for people that um at home that aren’t familiar
for what ever reason yeah absolutely ah protein helps build muscle improves recovery increase
thermogenesis which is you know metabolism of stored body fat improves energy hair nails
skin you name it its the building blocks of your body yeah protein is a very very valuable
supplement um to incorporate into your nutrition plan and lets talk about a little bit to do
with what makes a quality protein supplement absolutely I think the first thing you have
to understand is how where protein powder comes from and whey protein powder the most
important the most popular type of protein it’s extracted from dairy products cheese
or milk so the more filtration applied to this process means its more cleaner more pure
protein which means if its a whey isolate my gold standard for whey protein that means
that there is virtually no lactose so your not going to feel bloated your not going to
get water retention um almost no fat almost no sugars super easy to mix very pure protein
so that’s the you know the best quality you can get now is that some of the things that
you notice in the industry as far as cutting corners go ah like we talked about in previous
videos what are the ways that corners are cut when it comes to manufacturing protein
well I wish that not using the whey isolate one of the biggest corner cut but it’s unfortunately
far from the that you know a few things companies do one straight up lie like we talked about
before I’ve done more than one lab test on protein powder that shows 20 to 30% even more
less protein and wanted to claim it and how is that they just straight up take the chance
yeah absolutely they are using a really low grade very unpure cheap kind of protein powder
so as many people might know out there the cost of raw protein powder has sky rocketed
in the past few years you know the supply can’t keep up with demand and that leaves
more and more manufactures in this highly priced competitive niche in the supplement
industry cutting corners so Iv’e seen like I talked about results 20 to 30% less and
that means where’s the other 20 30% well its going to be a sugar a fat or a filler stuff
the people just don’t want that’s the first thing the second thing is what we call amino
acid spiking Amino Acid Spiking? yeah correct so when they test protein percentages amino
acid is tested as protein whether it is a complete structure or not OK whey protein
is an amino acid chain so there’s many amino acids specific as glycine on the market which
people can buy cheaper per Kg than a Kg of whey protein so they might make this you know
this 20 grams of whey protein and will put in 5 grams of glycine dirt cheap to create
a an illusion of a complete protein powder because glycine wouldn’t test as protein in
the lab it’s self you got it I see tests as nitrogen so and you know for example creatine
is one they use for weight gainers and it test for 1.8 times the gram so 1 gram of creatine
actually reads as 1,8 grams of protein which is a pretty dirty trick so there’s ways to
cut corners there’s ways people are getting screwed out there every single day ah that’s
pretty common place in the industry it’s it’s you know an industry that can um can be tricky
at times to make sure you are getting the right quality product so what are the tips
that we can give to the viewers at home ah when deciding to buy quality protein products
what to look for OK Kyle there are 3 things that you always look for when you buy a protein
powder number 1 make sure there is no added glycine to the product and to tell if there
is or not pick up the product and look at the supplement back panel and the other ingredient
section they have to list glycine and if there is any glycine in the product or a high level
of sugar fats or fillers put the product back on the shelf and look for something else one
no glycine period absolutely number 2 ensure the products made in a CGMP facility that
means the government went in they inspected they audited the facility for quality control
that should also be on the and the 3rd and most important in my opinion is to make sure
that every batch has been tested by a independent third party lab this keeps everyone honest
from the raw ingredient manufactures right to the people who put the product together
at the end how would they know how would they know if the products been tested it could
be on the label or it should be on the website so label or website make sure it’s tested
in a third party lab this ensures that what you see on the label is actually in the container
and that the ingredients listed are bang on and what their supposed to be if a protein
price is too good to be be true it probably is that’s what I always say yeah you mentioned
an example actually of a company where you couldn’t even buy the protein at the same
price they were selling it for absolutely one of the biggest buyers of whey protein
in the entire world was approached by a big box retailer to make a pro a protein powder
for them and the manufacturer couldn’t even match the price that they were paying currently
from other manufacturers which makes you go hmm I wonder what’s in that product well the
industry is little bit tainted in a way and these are some important tips that we
gave you today that should definitely help you when ah choosing to buy a protein that
will ensure the maximum results when it comes to muscle building and fat loss and your overall
health I hope that helped Adam I really appreciated the time man I really do man I appreciate
it thanks guys we’ll talk to you soon bye bye 🙂