Press Handstand – Epic Press Handstand Compression Drill

– So, you want to learn how
to do a press to handstand. Well, in this video I’m
gonna show you a critical compression strength drill. And make sure you stick
around until the end because I’m also gonna reveal one of the key things
that people do wrong, that completely sabotage your progress. All that and more, coming up. We are the gym that
teaches people how to move instead of just exercise, because we believe that
health is about performance, not just body image. In case we haven’t met,
I’m Rad Burmeister. Co-founder of the
Foundation Movement System, and Unity Gym. Where health is measured by
how you perform and feel, not just how you look. And where you’re taught
to nourish and move, instead of diet and exercise. Now, this video is all about getting you that press to handstand. And it’s really just about one drill. One drill that changed a lot for me. And it’s really just
about teaching you how to pull the compression and put it into the press to handstand. So, what you want to do, you
want to be very, very warm. The idea of this is that
you don’t even necessarily have to do it in a press
to handstand workout. If you want to get a press to handstand, you should be stretching everyday, and you definitely should be
stretching your hamstrings, and your adductors, and
your pancake everyday. And, if you don’t know how to do that, then we’ve got a great
video series to teach you. And, what you want to be doing is, when you are completely warm, when you are as warm as
you could possibly be. You want to go down on the ground, place your hands on the
ground in front of your feet. Probably, for some of my height, I’m 5’11”, probably about this
far in front of your feet. You want to place your
hands, so you just, sort of, put them down here, and then all you’re doing is
just going up on your toes, as high as you can, and transitioning the weight
from your toes to your hands. Because that’s really the whole start of a press to handstand,
which is the hardest part. Now, once you get up on your toes, you gotta completely tense your quads. The higher you can go on
your toes, the better. And then you transition to your hands. And once that you feel that
there’s no weight in your feet, you want to be elevating. So, elevating with your
shoulders and also protracting. So, were pushing up and
protracting the shoulders, creating a hollow body. Sucking our legs in, using
all that compression strength. And then once you feel
that weight transition into your hands, you want
to lift your feet up, and just try to step them into your body and float them down to the ground. So, just like this, we’re
gonna come down on the ground, and place our hands roughly about a foot in front of our body, and then
I’m gonna come up on my toes, compress, compress, compress, and then float down to
the ground like that. Now, I promised at the
start of this video, that I was gonna give you a
key thing that people do wrong that totally stops up the progress with the press to handstand. And if you’ve been watching this press to handstand video
series that we’ve been doing, this is gonna sound like I’m
preaching to the choir now, which is really good because
you need to understand this. Guess what it is? It’s a lack of flexibility. If you don’t have the
flexibility to be able to really fold your body down on itself, like this, with very little restriction, then you’re gonna have Buckley’s chance of doing a press to handstand. So, for this drill especially, you need hamstring flexibility. So we need to be able to
really fold our body in half and not only fold our body
in half, but create strength, in that in range of motion
compression strength. So, you need to be working
on your compression strength and we got an awesome video
on compression strength that we’ll link in the description
here that you can watch. So, if you don’t understand
what compression strength is, jump on that video and learn how to do it. And then the other thing is mobility. You need to be doing mobility. And we’ve got an awesome
flexibility blueprint that’s gonna teach you
everything that you need to know to get started on your
flexibility journey. Again, we’ll link it here
in the video description if you haven’t got it. It’s totally free. It’s for you to just download and learn. And, if you don’t do it, if you
don’t have that flexibility, there’s no amount of work
that you can do there, that is gonna give you a
good press to handstand. Now, here’s a bit of a disclaimer. There are people out there
that aren’t that flexible that can do a press to handstand. And they muscle their way up. There’s some very, very
strong dudes that can do it, but you know what, it’s
very, very poor technique, and it’s a very inefficient
way of doing it. So even though you can
muscle your way into a press to handstand,
it’s sloppy, it’s messy, and it’s inefficient that
uses up a lot of energy that it doesn’t need to use. So, make sure that you get that right. Get the, develop your flexibility, and also build that compression strength. I hope you enjoyed our latest video on the press to handstand. Now the question of the day. What’s your favorite exercise
for a press to handstand? I’d love to know. Leave a comment for me. And if you like this video,
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video in our series here, check out that video there. And, if you want to see the
compression strength routine and the drills that we used
that I was talking about before, click that video right there. Until we meet again,
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