People Get Tricked Into Eating Cricket Protein Bars

– I knew when you said trendy protein bars there was something that made it trendy. (funk music) I think I can already guess which one I’m gonna like better, and I think it’s this one that looks
more like a chocolate bar. – It’s good. One of the better ones I’ve had. – I would argue that it’s moist. – It is very moist, which a
lot of people hate that word. But it is very moist. – It’s 2017, people. Get over it. Moist. – Ladies don’t like that word. – I actually really like the texture. – I would eat this for
multiple meals in one day. – The more I eat it, the
more I’m a fan of it. – It’s very hearty, like this
small bar feels very filling. – Bar 1 for sure. – Yeah, Bar 1. Absolutely. – This is the winner. – I like this one. I like that it’s light
and fluffy on the inside. – I like this one better, ’cause it’s got bits of nuts in it. That for some reason, in my mind, makes it feel more natural. – I think I like this
one a little bit more than I like this one, just because this one’s a lot more unique in terms of the texture. – I’m curious to see
what’s in them, actually. (funk music) – Right off the bat, for my
Snowpiercer fans out there, this particular bar looks
exactly like the bar that’s in that movie, which is very off-putting if you’ve seen Snowpiercer
with Chris Evans, because that bar in the
movie is made out of 100% cockroaches, centipedes– – Are you feeding us
stuff that’s like that? Does this have cockroaches and
centipedes and caterpillars and other? – Please don’t tell –
– [Producer] No, no cockroaches, no
centipedes, no caterpillars. – I was gonna say, just don’t tell us. Even if it did, just don’t tell us. – Just on the looks of this,
I don’t know if you can see the little flaccid pieces there, but you’re gonna have a
good poop with this bar, I can already tell. – Doesn’t taste very fun. I don’t like this. – The seeds look like insect shells. – Don’t say that. (laughs) – I don’t like it. The texture I’m not enjoying. – This does it for me, I’m about this. – I’m not a fan of it. – Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I’m grossed out. I’m all set. – I think I like this one better. – I like it. I think the texture’s really fun. – This is where she tells us these were made out of dog parts. (loud blast) – Oh my fucking god! Get the fuck out! – I knew it! I knew there was something
off about this one. – You can’t trust nothing
at this damn company. – Can’t believe I ate crickets. – [Voiceover] Yay! – I like when you asked me earlier if I had any dietary restrictions. – Now we know. – Like, cause I’m gonna
serve you crickets. (cricket cries) – So, this had crickets in it. – [Producer] Yes. – The one you liked. – I actually really like this one. I actually really like it a lot. I really like this. – I eat cows, pigs, chicken, – True. – So, what’s a bug? – Look, it’s more water efficient. – I totally understand the need for sustainable protein sources. – I think that it’s doing a
lot of good for the world, and it’s not like I’m
actually getting cricket in my teeth. – Are they free-range crickets? – That’s a…
– Because I know, like everybody has all these issues
– That’s a great question. – with free-range chickens and cattle. – [Man] I think that’s a fair question, “Are they free-range crickets?”