PCOS/PCOD Indian diet meal plan tips for weight loss – Breakfast, lunch, dinner ideas  [Eng sub]

PCOS/PCOD Indian diet meal plan tips for weight loss – Breakfast, lunch, dinner ideas [Eng sub]

Hello friends welcome to goodlifehub! today i am gonna talk about PCOS/PCOD Indian diet plan. I have talked about PCOS foods in my earlier videos. I have spoken about Foods to avoid for PCOS along with healthy PCOS friendly alternatives foods to combat insulin resistance to cure PCOS in another video 10 herbal drinks/teas to cure PCOS Fruits and vegetables that can be taken during each phase of the menstrual cycle to regulate the hormones If you haven’t watched these videos please watch them it will be helpful to follow. I’ll update the link in the description box If you haven’t subscribe to this channel yet – do subscribe to the channel First tip for PCOS diet plan is to drink warm water with lime to start your day this will help you to reduce weight, detoxify the body, maintain body pH, rich in Vit C, improve digestion and increases the metabolic rate You can add organic honey to this you can also add moringa powder and have it as moringa tea you can also add apple cider vinegar and drink It will be a great option to kick start your day Second tip: it is recommended that women with PCOS eat 5 times a day it helps to reduce weight In 2016 in Greece, A research was conducted between PCOS women who took meals three times a day vs women who took meals five times a day It was found that eating 5 small meals was beneficial than three large meals it helps to stabilize the blood sugar level, help to sleep better, increase the mood and concentration and also helps to lose weight so, instead of having breakfast,lunch and dinner it is better to have 5 meals – breakfast,mid morning snack,lunch.evening snack and dinner the next tip is to eat the first meal – Breakfast within 90 minutes(1-11/2 hr) after you wake up It is important that you do not let your body to starve o if you wake up at 6 o’clock have breakfast by 7:30 a.m. t is also necessary to eat every 3 to 3 and half hours If you do not eat in proper intervals blood sugar level will start to increase Try to have dinner within 8:30 p.m. Suppose you woke up very late and had your breakfast at 9:30 you can straight away have your lunch within 3 hours. Some PCOS friendly breakfast that you can try are idli varieties like multi millet idli, kodo millet idli, foxtail millet idli, oats idli etc. dosa varieties like ragi dosa multigrain wheat dosa, millet dosa khichdi or Upma with broken wheat Rava and multi millet As side dish for these you can have coconut chutney and sambar which are healthy If you are an working women easy and best solution for breakfast would be smoothies. You can have healthy and tasty PCOS friendly smoothies which contains fruits,oats.Chia seeds,nuts and contains all the needed nutrients like proteins, fibre, vitamins and mineral. you can also take PCOS supplements along with smoothies There are smoothie recipes in this channel most of them are PCOS friendly do check it out! Another healthy option is overnight oats Overnight oats and smoothies can be done the previous day and stored in fridge making it easier For mid morning snack you can have salad varieties – sprout salad or vegetable salads Salads are very easy to make just chop onions,tomatoes and cucumber finely. boil sprouts and vegetables in water for 3 to 5 minutes if you want sprinkle some salt,pepper,squeeze some lime and mix them all together and your salad is ready while Travelling or packing for office you can take assorted seeds and nuts or you can take some cut fruits like apple,strawberries. Along with mid morning snack you can also have turmeric tea or spearmint tea. Make sure you have spearmint tea at least once a day it helps to reduce testosterone and PCOS symptoms. PCOS friendly lunch ideas- As far as South Indians are concerned it is very difficult to avoid rice White rice contains high glycemic index so instead of that you can have alternative rice varieties like kerala Matta rice, brown rice, mappillai Samba rice [Red rice] and Kavuni which is black rice. these varieties have low glycemic index and nutrient-rich. If you are unable to make a switch at least limit white rice to one time and decrease the quantity you intake Along with rice you can have dhal varieties and a serving of vegetables as stir fry or curry Include spinach and green leafy vegetables at least once a week You can also include vegetables and spinach varieties in your instant pot or variety rice. For evening snacks you can have millet flakes just like cornflakes nowadays you get ragi flakes, bajra flakes and jowar flakes you can have this as a chaat. These are cheap and easily available and cost 50-60 Rs You can have red rice poha/Upma [flattened rice flakes from red rice] You can have grilled corn on the cob it is rich in fibre and helps to lose weight. can also make healthy instant mug Cake, oats cookies, multigrain biscuits which takes just 10 min to make You can have sandwich with multigrain bread you can have lentils chaat (Sundal varieties), fried chickpea and peanut for snacks. For dinner you can have multigrain Roti, chapati or parottas with pulses and lentils like Rajma, chickpea, black eyed peas curry etc. You can make Stuffed parathas with spinach or green leafy vegetables to make it more nutrient-rich an also have red rice Puttu [funnel cake], red rice idiyappam [string hopper] for dinner. Along with a proper gluten-free, and low GI diet you need to have at least 2-4 liters of water everyday The amount of water required depends upon your body weight Multiply your body weight by 0.033 what you get is the number of litres of water you need to take everyday To make this a habit you can make use of Android apps that reminds you to take water every half an hour or one hour and lets you achieve your water target In order to properly follow the diet plan make sure you do your meal planning a week prior I’ve already given a shopping list of fruits and vegetables you can take for every phase of the menstrual cycle you can plan the weekly meal based on that important thing is to make sure you take atleast one serving of fruit, one serving of vegetables along with healthy fats everyday to stay healthy and reduce weight. 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