Paleo Thai Curry Pizza!  – Eat The Pizza! #38

Paleo Thai Curry Pizza! – Eat The Pizza! #38

– Ahhhhh! (funky pop music) – Hey, I’m Alyssia! – And I’m Christian! – And welcome to Eat the Pizza. – And today, we’re making
a Thai curry chicken pizza. – It’s another whole 30 pizza
because it’s still whole 30 when we’re filming this, so, – Still January – Sorry, they won’t be
whole 30 forever, but – They are for now
– This is still, I guess, – Technically, not whole 30 because of the – The fact that it’s a pizza
– Supo – This is actually a highly
requested Eat the Pizza, a lot of you have asked
for a Thai inspired pizza. Christian, how do you
feel about Thai curry? (whines) Alright, time for the prep work. This is some organic chicken breast. – Now, you’re not a big Thai curry head. – I’m not, don’t really care about – And that’s the opposite of
me, who is a big Thai curry head. – Hun, you’re gonna make your eyes burn. – Oh yeah, I need to get the onion gogs. (intense action music) (crinkling) – I love cutting green onion. (energetic pop music) We’re main the curry. – And this is a wok, everybody,
for those who are not fami– Sorry. So, this is coconut oil in
there, and we’re gonna load it up with some of these chicken – Organic chicken
– Pieces – Time to cook the chicken. Why don’t we add just a little
salt in here, what do you think? – I think yeah, alright. Now we just gotta let it cook. (funky pop music) – Ahhhh! – They only mostly landed on
the counter and in the green onions. Alright, so I’m gonna put
these onto this plate. – Oh! – Add all those veggies, go go go! (funky pop music) Salt n’ peppa. Salt – Yeah Alright, so we got salt and
pepper, and we’re seasoning with anything else?
– You gotta wait – For like another 10, eight, six minutes. – Okay. – Five minutes, maybe four.
– Okay. – Four minutes. Vegetables are sauteing. – In goes some garlic.
– Adding garlic paste – Garlic. – Ginger paste. – Ginger paste. – Alright, cook that for about
one minute, and then we’ll add in this Thai kitchen red curry paste. So about two tablespoons. – I would like to also add
maybe just some curry powder. What do you think about that? – Yeah
– It’s not traditionally – Thai curry powder. – I like curry powder ’cause– – Cause it tastes great. – Now adding coconut cream,
you can also use coconut milk. – Coconut cream is more
delicious probably, though. – Chicken
– Chicken going in. – In goes the
– In goes the chicken. (upbeat electronic music) – Okay so now we’re gonna make a crust. The same crust from our
last, is this the last episode we did? – Yep, the last whole 30
episode, which was buffalo – Buffalo chicken, that crust
– Mmmmmmm – A plus so we’re gonna do a
– It was such a perfect crust – Why mess with it? – Why mess with it, so
that’s what we’re doin’ again – But we won’t bore you
and make you watch it again right now, so you can just
click the info card to go over to the other video if you wanna see it. (funky pop music) ♪ Let’s do it ♪ ♪ Come on ♪ ♪ Let’s do it ♪ – And there’s the crust, we did it, hun. – We’ve done it. – We’ve completed the crust. Into the oven it goes. (funky pop music) Alright, onto the sauce. – Saucin’ it up, I’m opening
a can of coconut milk. – Do it. I’m getting just the creamy part. Here’s some garlic powder,
curry powder, hint of red crushed pepper. – Ow! – I heard that (laughs) – How I didn’t chip my tooth? – You didn’t it’s fine. (funky electronic music) – Alright, crust is out of the oven. – Time to assemble – Sauce! (upbeat action music) Alright, now we’re gonna
put the chicken curry, the curry chicken on there. (upbeat action music) Into the oven it goes,
come on, what do you think? – Come on. And now it’s time for the
pizza fact of the day. – Did you know that in Thai
culture you are not supposed to throw any food away? – It’s very frowned upon to
throw anything, I would imagine especially rice though,
because if you throw stuff away the rice deity will get
angry because they watch over to make sure that
everyone has enough food, and if you’re throwin’ food
away, you’re gonna piss her off. We should learn from them
– Don’t throw the food away – Because Americans throw
away way too much food, so we should become a little
more scared of the rice god in Thailand. ♪ Oomba oomba oomba Sha la la la ♪ ♪ Congratulations ♪ ♪ Sha la la la ♪ ♪ Congratulations ♪ ♪ Oooooh ♪ ♪ Well done, well done ♪ ♪ Congratulations to you ♪ ♪ Oomba oomba oomba ♪ – So this looks like a
Thai curry chicken pizza I gotta say
– It really does – And I mean we already know
from last week, this crust works really really well. – Holds up really nice. – Yeah, look at that,
it’s so sturdy and tasty. – It’s a sturdy crust
– I would use this crust – Even for not whole 30 paleo. – I agree, I would too. – Yeah, are you eager to eat this? – I’m eager to eat it,
it smells very delicious. – Mmmmmm let’s eat it. It’s time to eat – The pizza! (upbeat pop music) – As someone who’s whatever
about Thai curry, I really wanna keep eating this pizza. – Me too. – It’s really good, the
Thai curry is really good, the flavors are good, seasoned
well, it sits well on the crust, the sauce kind of soaks into the crust a little bit
– Yeah. – But it’s not making it flimsy – And I was worried that
lacking the brown sugar was gonna make it not quite as
good, but I think the onions gave it like a little
sweetness or something. – Mhm. – Or maybe the bell peppers
– Sauteed onions, yum. – I thought this would not
be a tempting pizza for me, but it’s gonna be hard to stop
eating, so I guess I won’t. I highly recommend trying this
recipe out, we will put it on our blog, and you can also find our merch
there, as well as all of our social media information. – Right down here, folks. Thank you so much for liking
commenting and subscribing. – And we’ll see ya next
week on eat the pizza. – Cheese! – This is really good. – Mmmmmmm – The crust is yummy. – Mhm. – But the curry’s yummy too.