Paleo Stuffed Decorative Pumpkin | The Hungry Health Coach

momma got a lotta stuff in the kitchen today *mumbling* hello everybody my
name is Alex Napoli I am the hungry health coach what I am hungry for today
is some fall AF foods what I’m working with tonight is pumpkins apples sweet potato a mirepoix carrot onion celery some chopped
mushrooms bacon craisins sage mmm nothing says Fall like sage so naturally I’m
gonna be stuffing my pumpkins with paleo stuffing I have another paleo stuffing
recipe on the YouTube channel so I’m literally taking my paleo stuffing
recipe I’m gonna stuff it into the pumpkin official stuffing method I did
all of the chopping before hand you got to chop the sweet potatoes you gotta chop
the mushrooms you go chop the mirepoix chop chop chop
I’m not even done chopping because I still have to chop the apples I didn’t
want them to go Brown the full recipe for the paleo stuffing is for sure down
below this is gonna be tweaked a tiny bit because I couldn’t find pecans and
I’m also trying not to eat as much meat so I’m not going to be adding the ground
sausage first things first I’ve got a baking sheet lined with
aluminum foil I’m going to add my potato I feel so profesh when everything’s
already chopped it’s like I have a staff of people
I’m slowly becoming Martha Stewart except I’m doing it all myself we’re going to add some olive oil did you notice how I did that without looking did you notice how i did that without looking I’m not looking at anything pepper I’m freakin Salt BAe right now salt and then we’re just gonna throw it
into the 350 degree oven you do want them to be fully cooked all the way
through 15 to 20 minutes should be good if not leave em in there longer
that’s how cooking works get frypan hot *grunts* bacon instead of buying an
entire sleeve of bacon which I’m probably never gonna get through I went
to the butcher shop and have them slice me three slices of bacon so not only was
it only one dollar and 70 cents then I don’t have a bunch of leftover
bacon that I’m never gonna use and it’s like higher-quality bacon then the stuff
that comes in the bag so put these into your pan quick little tip if you add a
little bit of water to the bacon when it’s frying it won’t blacken like it
won’t burn but still get crispy just the way you like it while I got going let’s
try to figure these out okay so what I want to do is cut off just kind of like
the top so maybe like a half an inch down from the top so that we get the
full nubbin technical turn but then we still have like a large boat to fill it’s going on a bit of a diagonal you
guys need to be beautiful oh okay so we have our tops which we’re going to save
and cook also because there’s a lot of good flesh in here to eat and then we’ve
got our base so we’re gonna scoop out all these seeds so this year I carved
a pumpkin for Halloween I did it with like a group of people and I
saved all the seeds from everybody’s pumpkins and they were like
you crazy girl you don’t even understand how delicious pumpkin seeds are right
am i right so I’m gonna make another video about how to make dope pumpkin
seeds now the other thing that you want to make sure of is that your pumpkin can
be cooked I bought these from a farmers market not
from like other places because sometimes they might be more decorative or they
might have like a spray coating on the outside that makes them inedible maybe
anyway make sure that you can actually eat the pumpkin that you’re buying when
you buy it oh that was so much easier there’s so many seeds here and pumpkin seeds make such a good snack okay so set the seeds off to the side for your next
recipe I’m gonna get back to these pumpkins so you’ll notice that there’s
still some like stringy bits left in here I really want to get most of that
out and take my knife or my spoon and really get these stringy bits out as
much as possible now the main thing you want to make sure you get rid of is at
the very bottom like where the the the bellybutton of the pumpkin is on the
other side there’s kind of like a root where all the slime kind of comes
from so you want to make sure that you scrape that part out so you have a nice
solid like bowl and there’s no lump on the inside oh my god I go so cute like
everything is just so full right now got me super cute pumpkin I got my plaid I
got these socks like I’m like ready for fall a timer probably would have been a
good idea for those potatoes the bacon is cooked so I’m gonna gently remove it
from the pan and put it on some paper towels so that the fat can kind of drain
off and then they gonna remove a little bit of the fat from the frying pan now
you want to leave all they’re kind of like crispy goodness bits on there
because those are gonna be mega delicious and have a lot of good flavor
to earth stuffing but like the majority of the fat can go and then always make
sure you clean this fat dribble because they could catch on fire uh-huh okay so
we’re gonna put this on the flame and we’re gonna add a little bit of olive
oil like a tablespoon we just want to add like a clean fat into there and then
I’m gonna add my full mirepoix mix okay now I’m quickly gonna get these apples
chopped up and add those in as well so again taste the apples into about the
same size pieces as everything else yeah I think probably take the skins off so
that they kind of disappear a little bit more if you leave the skins on they
might be a little bit tough on the tooth I don’t have that skill where I
can fully peel an apple at one time according to Sleepless in Seattle it’s a big
deal but I’ve never been able to figure it out we are back in business this
recipe it’s kind of time-consuming and involves a lot of chopping but I swear
to you it’s totally worth it and you can make it like the day before an event so
that you’re not doing this all on the day up you can make it like a week
before and leave it in the freezer and it’s still perfect so I’m just gonna
bring it over here for a minute and give it a good scrape and what you
want to do with kind of pick up a lot of the bits from the bacon so some of the
brown bits on the bottom you just want to give those like a
little scrub a dub so that they end up kind of mixed into this mirepoix now if
you wanted to make this fully vegan you totally could just skip the bacon use a
fat of your choice is there vegan bacon if you know it’s a good one let me know
in the comments below because I will definitely check it back on the heat the hanger
is coming on strong okay let’s get our last little bits ready once this is
done cooking we’re gonna need to put it into a bowl into that bowl I’m adding two little packs of craisins this was the cheapest way I could buy craisins okay
okay okay you’ve got a dope amount of craisins we’re gonna add some fresh chopped
sage sage smells so good a very savory smell and like flavor it’s like honestly
perfect for this time of year I don’t want to bruise the sage so I’m just
gonna do like a really nice light chop all the way through and then add that to
my bowl don’t forget to salt and pepper this mix too you want everything to be
nice and flavorful check check check we are now gonna add in a tablespoon of vinegar
into the mirepoix mix so now I’m gonna take my bacon my three giant slab the
bacon here oh my god okay I’m gonna chop it up really fine they’re so big and
thick and juicy I want these to be in pretty small pieces so they kind of just
disappear with everything else especially because they’re so thick into
my bowl and to the most annoying part of cooking is just waiting for everything
to get cooked that’s gonna be like my Julia Child quote but much more
pessimistic and less about wine okay let’s take sweet potatoes out of the
oven just leave these off to the side to cool our mushroom mix is cooked also
but we need that to cool down too because we’re gonna be adding a raw egg
to the mix so the last thing that we want is
for our raw egg to get scrambled into this that would be kind of gross so
we’re gonna add this mirepoix mix into our cranberries and then really this
just needs to like sit and chill out for a little while
actually I lied first we add a teaspoon of vegetable stock then we want
chill until we’re ready to stuff ooh baby I love you smell everything so let
it cool down and then we can have an egg and then we can stuff our pumpkins and
I’m gonna be the happiest basic biatch that ever lived
we are in the homestretch I’m gonna crack two eggs into this bowl do that
can’t stop me cuz it’s happening I’m cracking these eggs no matter what give
me the good beat down take that egg all right this is no longer steamy it smells
so good so I’m gonna add the eggs and again just thoroughly mix this up so
that everything gets a little bit of coating good good good good good okay let
us stuff our pumpkin these little mini pumpkins don’t really fit that much
inside of them two spoonfuls all that work wasn’t really worth it I’m not sure
yet and then I’ve got a parchment paper lined tray me yeah I’m gonna kind of
gently cut off like just a sliver so that it sits flat get stuffed pumpkin
the tops I’m gonna drizzle there with a little bit of olive oil and then
sprinkle with salt and pepper lay those out on the tray and then for good
measure I’m just gonna put one full sprig of sage on to the roasting pan not
gonna eat that it’s really just like for the smell of the sage to kind of infuse
everything and then these bad boys are ready to go into the oven so that the
egg can cook inside of the pumpkin and then the pumpkin
nice and gooey and creamy the rest of the stuffing just lay out on its own
baking sheet and cooked that way also probably about 45 minutes to get the egg
completely cooked all right guys our fall time feast is
officially complete we have our beautiful stuffed pumpkins here our
pumpkin seeds if you want the recipe to that be sure to click the links below if
you guys liked this recipe be sure to like comment and subscribe and I will
see you next time we have to taste test so we’ve got a
little bit of pumpkin a little bit of sweet potato this smell is out of control
it’s so hot but like honestly so delicious oh my god mmm yes please more
thank you fall time in the air