Paleo Camping in Rifle Falls, CO (what we ate)

Paleo Camping in Rifle Falls, CO (what we
ate) *Music and singing*
“Alright we’re about to leave for our first camping trip of the year.” *Music*
“We’ve stopped in Copper Mountain, Colorado for a little break, to eat lunch and I’ll
take the dog out for a walk. It’s a beautiful place and the kids got
to do the Wreck Tangle which is a ninja course, it’s really cool, lots of different obstacles. Now I’m just taking the dog on a little
hike while the kids play mini golf.” *Nature sounds and music*
“Alright, let’s talk food. When we first get to the campsite we really
like to kind of set up a little bit, and then we have bacon wraps. I make these in an oven at home and then just
reheat them in a pan over the stove that I bring to the campsite and they’re divine
so it’s just like a little hint of sugar and fat and they’re just amazing and they
can rejuvenate you and I highly recommend doing that if you go camping. My husband likes to crack open a beer because
we all have habits that die hard but it’s gluten free beer, and then for dinner I premade
chicken thigh and pineapple barbeque skewers at home, as well as some veggie skewers, and
we’re going to put them over the fire and cook them, and then I made a pesto sauce with
a whole bunch of basil and arugula and kale and stuff from my garden and we’re going
to put those over the veggies. And then for dessert we have regular s’mores,
just the regular jet-puffed marshmallows and we have gluten free graham crackers and then
we use green and black 85% dark chocolate. Yes, the jet-puffed marshmallows aren’t
the greatest things on earth but it’s camping and we do this a couple times a year so we
just, i don’t know. It’s just one of those traditions and things
that you know. I think are important for the kids. We could use different kinds of marshmallows
but I found that nothing really melts over the fire the same as these ones so we just
go with these.” *Music*
“Before we leave I put all of the eggs in a glass jar like this and then I throw an
immersion blender in there to scramble them, then we just pour them out, and we don’t
have to worry about eggshells in our eggs or anything like that, and it’s just an
easy way to transport them. So breakfast this morning, we have scrambled
eggs, some sausage, and some gluten free English muffins, which are not paleo. I had a big elaborate plan to make some french
toast this morning, we just ran out of time before we left.” *Music*
“For lunch we decided to do a food platter, so I’ve got
some orange big spread, some kaigal nut cheese, Jill’s paleo crackers, some salami, dried
apricots, grown up almonds, some olives, some fresh cherries and some bajuta.” *Music*
“We’re stopping to have a snack of a Primal Kitchen chocolate hazelnut bar made with grass-fed.” “What are you eating, Oliver?” “An RX bar.” “An RX bar? Yummy, what flavor?” “Berry blast.” “Berry blast? Mmm.” *Music*
“For snack I’ve got some guacamole that I got at Whole Foods pre-made and Inka chips
plantain chips. Great combination and just an easy snack. Kept this in the cooler and kept this in the
dry area and it just makes a great afternoon snack. I also wanted to mention that if you wanted
the recipes of anything I’ve been eating or the brands or any more information about
the food, go to the blog post that will be linked below and that should have all the
information that you need.” *Music*
“For dinner we have some ground beef meatballs with bacon, cream, chilis, hashbrowns and
egg. Also brought a little thing of mayo too to
put on top. And dessert is peaches with some nuts, cinnamon,
nutmeg, and ginger on top that were all cooked in a foil packet over the fire.” *Music*
“Day three, not so fun. We have to pack up today and go home. Breakfast is waffles with some chicken, fruit,
some scrambled eggs and bacon. I brought maple syrup in a little small container
from home, and I also have coffee right there. So, mosquitoes when camping, those are the
worst, aren’t they? I have several ways that I deal with them,
going from nontoxic to kind of really toxic ways of dealing with them. So first of all I try to use clothes so I’ll
wear something like this, that has long sleeves, and then if you can see I’m wearing long
pants. That’s a great first defense, and then you
know if it’s warm, if it’s 90 degrees and you’re not going to be able to wear
long pants and long sleeves, then I’ll try some sort of bug spray. I really like Doterra’s Terrashield, it’s
a mixture of essential oils which seems to work really well but sometimes that doesn’t
work, and when that doesn’t work then I’ll start going to the more toxic, deep, contained
things. Not exactly my favorite thing to do but it’s
what you gotta do.” *Music*