Hey Dude ! How are yah? If we meet in my kitchen today it’s because we’re gonna talk gardening Planting trees, nature, environment, global warming, You get it, right? You know what? Let’s go in my garden, seems more appropriate. Alright follow me, follow me ! You followin’ ? 😀 Here we are Damn it Damn it ! Alright then, let’s get out of here In the end we meet in my room because it’s apparently impossible to film quietly something in one’s garden The neighbours’ kid is… … screaming to death because he doesn’t like the color of the leaves I really don’t know why he’s shouting like that “Have kids !”, they say. Bro, my son won’t scream like that for sure He won’t be allowed, it’ll be SCHLAK Big slap in his face And we can move on Right? That’s how you’ll raise your kids as well, right? ^^ Aaalright, nutrition for Street Workout Well, here we are finally So we were actually gonna talk food, okay? Small intro on myself : I started Street Workout summer 2016 So that’s a bit over a year ago now but before that, I did a bit of wieght training I therefore have a few notions about training biceps and meal prep Bro hang on to your seat, I’m gonna suprise you When you’re doing Street Workout your body’s working exactly the same as when you’re into bodybuilding, you’re running marathons, or when you wanna become the news darts world champion. So the way you influence your body by eating follows the same rules But your goals regarding mass, endurance and strength might not be the same. I you wanna have a say in what happens to you, you’re gonna have to eat accordingly to your objectives espicially if you wish to facilitate gaining muscle or losing fat You can also completely wing it ! who can tell really, you might still lose 20 pounds ! Personnaly, I like to control what’s happening That’s why I prepared you this video in order to introduce nutritions’ basics for Street Workout actually, nutritions’ basics for a human being We’re gonna have an overview on everything you’re eating that contains calories meaning macronutrients In English, they say “Macros” Anybody wanna translate? 😉 So, During your life, you’ll eat 4 different macronutrients So I’m gonna officially introduce each one of them ! Let’s start with the one you’re most interested in : PROTEIN WHAT’S IT FOR ? It’s primal use is to help build muscle when eating enough and to help maintain it when eating less WHERE DO I FIND IT ? You’ll find some in lean meats, in powders, in lean fish, in eggs, in powders, in diary products, and of course, in protein powder ! HOW MUCH DO I NEED ? It mostly depends on the amount of muscle and fat you’re carrying around right now It can easily go from 1 to 3 grams per KG of bodyweight per day Just know that if you’re really overweight, you have to take your lean mass To help you understand, I’ll take myself as an example Right now, I’m in my pre-winter period, so I still have hopes to save about one out of two abs I’m therefore in my softening phase See? Wait I’ll show you And I’m weighing it at about 85 KGs / 187 lbs now Regarding my current state of Super Athlete I clearly need at least 2g of protein/kg/day I’m the best at maths bro, 2 times 85=170g of protein per day That0s what I’m personnaly aiming for DIETARY FAT WHAT’S IT FOR ? Dietary fat, or just “fat”, is something you need to survive. If you don’t any well… you die 🙂 It’ll be used to absorb vitamins, regulate your hormones, oil your brains’ functions and a lot of other cool things like that ! WHERE DO I FIND IT ? You’ll find some in fatty meats, fatty fish, nuts, butter, oil, in basically everything that tastes good and make you feel guilty afterwards ! 🙂 HOW MUCH DO I NEED ? It depends again on the same parameters as for protein but it’ll generally be between 15 and 45% of your total daily calorie intake which then depends on your goal intake otherwise, 0.8-1.5g per KG of lean body mass you built will generally be sufficient and optimal Aaaand now CARBS ! WHAT’S IT FOR ? You see, for protein and fat, you’ll generally get absolute numbers that will relatively not change so much regarding your goals For carbs, it’s the exact opposite ! 😀 I keep them for the end, because for any diet that isn’t based on the advice of a clown, they’s ll be here to fill the gaps, which means the rest of daily calories you have left after eating your protein and fat It’s gonna be your body’s primal source of energy to allow you to.. .. move your butt around all day long, as well as to do every necessary action for your survival They’ll be stored in the liver, brain, blood and muscle as glycogen, in order to be used when needed WHERE DO I FIND IT ? You’ll find some in fruits, vegetables, grains, cereals, and in all the processed food you can find around, and in all the sugary sodas HOW MUCH DO I NEED ? You can survive without, but there’s absolutely no fun in that. Also know that some high level athletes will easily eat up to 700g per day, which leaves you with a pretty useless range Between 1-4g/kg/day should be enough for most goals But as you surely know, it will depend on your body composition when you wake up, and what you’re gonna be doing with your day. So, you thought it was over? Bro, no. Let me introduce the 4th macronutrient that you need to take into account. This one, certain people know and consume more than others I’ll let you judge yourself It’s my pleasure, please meet Alcohol ! Alcohol, Bro Bro, Alcohol Well, no hugs or kisses ? We do 3 ! (kisses in Switzerland) Well, I won’t discriminate then ! So ALCOHOL WHAT’S IT FOR ? It’ll surely make super cool, very funny, and way more sociable… Oooor it can get you to reach new levels of agressivity, decibel, and attempts to grab butts It’ll also have quite random effects on your sexual performance, your mental state, your love for others, and on your energy levels WHERE DO I FIND IT ? Hmm Well you’ll mostly find it in liquids like the one you use to wash your mouth, the one to get your barbecue started, or also the one you put on your hands when you train Here you go ! HOW MUCH DO I NEED ? I’m not sure I wanna give recommandations here, but you might wanna aim for a quantity that seems reasonnable in order to forget all your problems, be able to talk to bros and chicks at the party or in the morning, or also to make you brave enough to attempt a human flag on the club’s poledance bar I’ll let you decide ! We arrive at the end of this 1st video on macros I’ll summarize all of this for you Calories are found in macros, which are proteins, fats, carbs and alcohol, which each have their own amount of kcal/grams Chances are you still have questions about all of that We haven’t dived so deep into the subject yet and that’s why I keep the rest for my next video about nutrition You can also ask questions in the comments section and I’ll answer them in furture videos But if you have a very urgent question and cannot wait, take your smartphone out, look me up on Instagram, send me a short video : “Hey Eric I was watching your Youtube video it’s really awesome, but I have a question” And I’ll answer you with a video of my own alright ? We do it this way? Thanks so much for watching, I’m really grateful that you take some of your time for this Subscribe if you liked it enough Wow, feels good to speak normally again ^^ Bro, see you soon, Thanks again and… Alright bye !