Nick Cannon Shows His Home Gym & Fridge  | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Nick Cannon Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

– [Host] Yo, Nick, we’re here
to see your gym and fridge. (grunts) (bell dinging) – Good morning! (hip hop music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Let’s go ♪ ♪ First in it, first round ♪ – [Host] All right Nick, so we got eight questions about your gym then we’re gonna go check
out what’s in your fridge, and then we have a lightning
round of questions at the end. – Come on in Men’s Health. This is my gym, I’ma show you my fridge. Get my food on, probably
I’m one of the only cats who works out and eats the entire time. – [Host] So first up, how
long have you had this gym? – Hold on, chewing. This is a fairly new gym, it’s connected to my office
building, and my music studio. So I never really leave this place. No-one else is allowed to use this gym. I’m sure there’s a lot of artists, and people that work with me that come in here and get it in, but this is all my personal stuff. From martial arts, core
training, lifting weights, the bare essentials, mirrors
of course, I love mirrors. I work out every single
day, sometimes twice a day depending on what it is,
always making working out fun. – [Host] Two, what’s your morning routine? – I’m part of the 5 a.m. club. Uh, and I don’t know if
that’s morning or night, I don’t even really know how to define it. Sometimes it’s the end of a
long day, been in the studio, DJ-ing at the club whatever,
if it’s 5 a.m. I get it in. I love music, uh, when I work out. Specifically gospel music, ironically, uh, there’s just something about
that energy that is uplifting. (piano music) Uh, is that public domain? Either gospel music or
R&B slow jams so I could, picture myself next to a nice little lady. ♪ I wanna rock wit’chu baby ♪ Lifting, just gunning it. (laughs) – [Host] Three, explain what
a fire drill means to you? – Ooh, anybody on my team
that screams out fire drill, everyone has to drop down
and do at least 50 pushups. But no matter where we are,
we can be in the studio, we can be in a board meeting, the mall, if somebody yells fire
drill, you gotta drop down and knock out your five zero pushups. – [Host] Four, we’ve seen you
in jeans and Tims on Instagram do you really work out like that? – The Tims and jeans one I was
actually trying to be funny, with like, you know,
the New York mentality, to just show like yo
it can happen anywhere. It’s like, that’s like the street workout. – [Host] Five, do you
have any special equipment in this gym? – Uh, I turn anything
into workout equipment, from the chains, cinder
blocks, pulling trucks, um, sledge hammers, axes,
wood, uh I do my leg workouts by building a wall, not
like Donald Trump, but like, (laughs) you know like, a wall of power. (laughs) It’s just gotta be fun, and
it gotta be challenging, so all our workouts, we
just turn into challenges. My kids love to work out,
they’re all into martial arts, kind of like I was at their age. Kind of introductory because you don’t want
them to go too hard, but you want them to understand
endurance and discipline. – [Host] Six, if you could
take one thing on the road with you from this gym, what would it be? – It’s easy to pack,
best total body workout you ever wanna see. Lightweight, you can put this in any bag, but it takes a true G
to be able to do this. (exhales) (exhales) – [Host] Seven, mental
fitness, how do you keep your mind fit? – Mentally fit, all meditation. I don’t sleep enough but
that’s one thing like, I could say is one of
my downfalls, or flaws when it comes to fitness. You can get the same amount
of rest and recuperation but your body just do meditation so, I’ve been trying to
get my chakras aligned. Fitness goals, uh, fitness
goals honestly health first uh, I’m kind of at the weight
that I’ve always wanted to be, but I fluctuate ’cause
my metabolism is so fast, so, to just maintain 175. People make fun of my legs, (laughs), even though they’re not that small, they say I look like Mike Tyson up top, and Spike Lee on the bottom. I’m Spike Tyson. – [Host] Last question in the gym. You got a ton of tattoos,
which one is your favorite? – Ooh, this one right here says fearless, and it’s actually written backwards, so I can look into the mirror and see it, so I can remind myself how fearless I am when I wake up everyday. All right so, that’s the gym. We gonna go in here into the studio so y’all can see my fridge. Can’t tell y’all my secret
password, stop looking. (rap beats) Welcome to my humble abode. My piano, this is my calming space. The refrigerator right next to it. You know how we do, got
the True Mass, Creatine. Keeping me all together. Shall we open up the fridge? – [Host] You got a lot to drink in there. – (laughs) ‘Cause that’s how I get down. Being somebody who was
diagnosed with lupus in 2012, my body went through so
many things, near death, pulmonary embolisms,
all that stuff at once, the one thing I can honestly say has got me to where I am today, water! Specifically alkaline
water, but any water. Try to do at least two
gallons of water a day. To balance all of the water out, you got to have your protein. I’m a big fan of Muscle
Milk ’cause it’s just quick, you know what I mean? 40 grams of protein, drink
a couple of these a day you can get all your protein in that way. Then when you working out you
need sugar, you need snack, I don’t drink alcohol, so
this is the closest thing I can ever have to like a
sugar beverage, is ginger beer. But you gotta get something
that actually has real ginger in it so there’s benefits to it. I would say I’m a privileged individual, because I have prepared meals. Looks delicious straight out the fridge, but you know what, I’m not the chef, so I’ll let the chef explain to you. Schlef, shoo, I can’t even say it, schlef, he’s the schef slash, he’s
the chef slash trainer. Yo, Aaron! – What’s up, what’s up? – Explain (laughs) to Men’s Health, what’s going on here,
what’d you prepare for me? – [Aaron] I try to give
Nick a high carb meal, um, we’re bulking right now
but we trying to make sure we stay as lean as possible so for today, we have pasta with turkey meatballs, you know, we get it in
right after workouts. He also eats his oatmeal
during the workouts, so we try to get as many calories into him throughout the whole day. – And I’m a huge candy
freak, which he hates. We made a bet and a deal, some months ago, that I’d stop eating all
candy for six months, and I did it! – Everything’s in moderation, you know, I still give him the
opportunity to live life, you know, so, it’s not always
eating clean, eating clean. We get, he loves bean and cheese burritos and I have no problem
with him eating on those. (piano music) – [Host] What’s goin’ on with your music? – We’re really excited
about this new project I been working on for like
over a year called Model Music. I got a hot single right
now featuring Ty Dolla $ign and Jacquees that’s on Model
Music called Nobody Else and really just inspired everybody to have that model behavior,
that model personality, like everybody can feel like a supermodel, everybody can feel and be a role model, and it’s just inspiring music, like whether it’s when you in the gym, um, whether you going out to the club, it’s that Model Music vibe so get it now. (piano music) I gotta go do my workout for real, I’ll let y’all hang here,
y’all saw my fridge, y’all saw my gym, now you about to see me
get it in, in the gym. Get to it! – [Host] Time for quick
fire questions, here we go. – All right, all right
now let’s get it in man. Ab, ab game. – Game time. – [Host] 7am workout, or 7pm workout? – Uh, 7am workout! – [Host] Squat or deadlift? – Deadlift! – [Host] Favorite song on your playlist? – Favorite song? Incredible Game, Nobody Else. – [Host] Crossfit, yay or nay? – Yes, crossfit. – [Host] Pull ups or chin ups? – Pull ups. – [Host] Dumbbells or kettle bells? – Kettle bells. – [Host] Run on a
treadmill, or run outside? – Run outside. – [Host] Cardio or weights? – Uh, weights! Speaking of, let me have those 20s. – [Host] Big legs, big arms? (grunts)
– Big arms. – [Host] What’s the biggest compliment, jacked, ripped, swoll, cut? – Jacked! (Aaron giggles) – Ah, we jacked! (exhales) – [Host] If you could workout
with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? – I want to workout with Jesus, ’cause his six pack is crazy! (laughs) Jesus got abs! Person alive though, I would
love to work out with The Rock. We all got this like
running joke, Kevin Hart, we hate him, because he’s just perfect, and he’s just a bite size
of endurance and power. (laughs) You can’t stop him. Me and Kevin workout
together all the time but I haven’t got a chance
to workout with The Rock. Kevin has, so, The Rock, let’s get it in! So the real workout begins, I need y’all to get up out of
here, y’all in the way now! (hip hop music beats)