Mayo Clinic Dr Amy Pollak AHA This Week Heart Healthy Diet

– Hi, my name’s Doctor Amy Pollak. I’m a cardiologist at the
Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, and in honor of Heart
Month, I’d like to challenge all of us to eat a more
heart-healthy diet. What do I mean by that? Well, it encompasses a
lot, but what I think we should focus on for this week are really three things. I’d like us to eat more
fruits and vegetables, and it seems like advice that I got from my grandmother that you probably got from your grandmother, but it is such important advice. Really adding five servings
of fruits and vegetables per day to your diet is an important part of a heart-healthy diet. If we’re not being intentional about it, it’s super easy to let a day go by and not to have many
servings of vegetables. For this week, let’s focus on getting five servings of fruits
and vegetables per day. You can have fruits for
snacks, part of a meal, and adding in vegetables
to lunch and to dinner will be an easy way to
get the five servings. The second tip would be using olive oil in cooking or for salad dressings. There are many positive benefits of using olive oil in the diet, and I think that is a great way to incorporate
it into your cooking. A third would be adding at least one serving of fish in your diet. This is all part of a Mediterranean diet, with olive oil, fish,
fruits and vegetables, so if you don’t like
fish, try some different ways of preparing it, and at least add in one serving of fish this week. That’s the challenge for this week, a more heart-healthy
diet with a Mediterranean approach, five servings of
fruits and vegetables per day, adding olive oil in, and then
one serving of fish per week.