Luxury Fruits VS Cheap Fruits | Taste Testers | EP 32

Saranghae, oppa. Hello! Hello!
Hi! No. Yes. No money. If you had all the money? Then, I’ll buy.
If you’re Batman. Okay, I’ll buy. Oh, no eh. I’m very cheapskate so I always go for the, I always go for the cheaper one. Apple iPhone. I never look at the price, usually for fruits, I just eat. Ya lor, just eat. Durians. I like the grapes, The Japanese, Korean ones. The concord grapes or the slip-skin grapes. My father bought this grape ah, Looks like that, the shape. He said it was very expensive. I think yes.
Yes. I think it will be sweeter. Different cultivation method. Like, you see ah. Those like what, Wagyu beef that kind. They massage the cow, let the cow drink beer. Same, they massage the grape, let the plant drink beer then sayang. Then say like “good girl, good girl”. Like the farmers would put in more time and effort, with the more expensive ones. Apples! This one is bigger. Ya, this one is confirm more expensive. This looks like the more expensive one. Wait, but they look the same. Maybe ah. This one is 3 for $1. You see the skin, you see the skin. The skin here is rougher. But this smells fresher though. The makeup does it like that. Cheers! Cheap! Ya. I mean, this is your, I feel ah, typical, everyday apple. I feel that it is not crunchy enough for me. I’ve tasted this before. I’m so familiar with this because I always
buy the cheap ones. But it’s good, it’s quite juicy. B. Baby’s backside. It tastes expensive. It’s bland. This one is not as sweet. It’s very refreshing when you eat this one. It’s like a puree. Woo. PD: Correct. Yay! Woohoo. Cheap! PD: Correct. Woah. But this is delicious ah. I really prefer this more. It is quite well-balanced. Ooh. Wow. Wow, jialat they look the same sia. Okay, this looks way wetter than this one. Ya, this one is drier. Oh my god this smells so sweet Smells really sweet. They smell about the same, how do you know. This one is more fragrant. You start from this end, I start from this end.
Then we, Then we meet in the middle. Hmm. Wow. Hmm. Hmm. I think I need to try one more. Hmm. Very soft.
Melts in your mouth. Woah, it’s so soft. It’s so soft, oh my gosh. And it’s so sweet! This rock melon rocks. Wah, so hard. Don’t feel like trying this one already. Cheers, cheers! It is very crunchy. This one’s not bad right. This is less sweet. So much less sweet. It just tastes like rock melon, like, okay, rock melon. Like, that’s literally it. There is
no sweetness whatsoever. That’s what I said! PD: Correct. Ah, see! Yes!
Woo. PD: Correct. Woohoo! PD: The expensive one is $30. Woah. Wah, can you imagine if you bring home and you accidentally drop it. Don’t want to imagine that. Your parents will disown you eh. I like this one, but I cannot buy this one. Because, obviously. It’s, what the hell $30? Woah, oh oh. Nice! The skin’s so smooth. Ya. It’s like you put the knife, then like knife through hot butter, woot. Then this one is like, You must. This one is softer.
Oh yes. It smells like carrots.
Smells like flower. One look right, I feel like this one, okay this one ah. Is like Wagyu beef, they got massage the pear. How are you feeling today? Oh, you okay or not? You okay or not? You okay or not? Wow. Wow, tastes like potato ah. Like, it’s a good balance between hard and soft. Like if you gave a baby this fruit, the baby will have
no problem eating this. It’s my first time tasting this kind of texture in fruits. Ya sia. Wah, this one hard sia. Wah. It’s not bad.
Ya, it’s not bad. It looks really depressing. But it’s crunchy, I think I prefer the crunchier one eh. Like fruits keropok. The skin’s very hard, like it’s dry already. That one’s like mash potato, this one’s like potato chips. Same again! PD: Correct. Yay! Woo! PD: Correct. Woo! PD: The expensive one sells by itself and it’s $12 for 1. Don’t eat fruits la, so expensive. I will buy it if lets say I’m trying to impress like my boyfriend’s parents. Oh, okay. I’ll be like “Hi.” You know, then I’ll accidentally leave the price tag there. Then they’ll be like “Oh my god.” I’ll be like, “Oh no!” Oh my god, what the heck. Wahahaha. Woah. This is like a pear in the form of a grape. This one is like, you know, the machine stamped them out, all the same. But this one’s natural. This is like your everyday grape. Ya. It’s good. There is only one word to describe this. Crunchy. Typical. I was going to say typical. Can you cooperate with me? It feels like the kind that you eat at home every day. Nothing special. This one is like 80 years old skin, This one is 20 years old skin. This one got use SKII, they got use SKII. I feel like this one will burst in your mouth. Ya, like those, bubble pop. Wow. Are you supposed to eat the skin? PD: Yes. You are? Okay. It’s legit, it will explode in your mouth. Like jelly, inside. It’s very very soft and gooey. This is obviously the expensive one. Ya oh my gosh. This one just tastes like leaves, like nature. This one tastes like, Japan. It’s confirm from Japan right? PD: Not Japan. Then where? Germany Singapore lah Singapore. PD: From Korea. Oh, this one tastes exactly like it’s from Korea. “Delicious-seyo.” “Saranghae, oppa.” PD: Correct. Yes! Eh, we poke on the same one, don’t waste it. PD: Correct. Of course! Of course! Ah huh! Ah huh! Before today right, I didn’t think the difference is obvious, because you don’t go and think about it. Things like, texture, and the flavour, and the juiciness. Becomes a huge price difference. I think definitely one of the main things is, it’s a lot sweeter. Like the expensive ones?
Yes, the expensive ones. But I also learnt that, even though the cheap ones might look really bad, some of them actually tastes really good. No.
No. I always feel like expensive fruits are
so out of my reach. It still is. Ya. And I will never buy them. Yes.
Yes, of course. If I have the money, I will sure buy the luxury fruits. Because it’s actually, it tastes that much better.