Lose Weight Without Shakes, Diet Food, Pills, or Exercise

– You can lose up to
10% of your body weight each month on the Code Red lifestyle without ever using
shakes, pills, diet foods, and without exercise. Here’s how. Your body doesn’t need
surgery, patches, phentermine, or any other pill, shake,
diet food, or exercise. It needs nourishment. Most people think the more expensive and complicated the product is, the better it must work, but that couldn’t be
further from the truth. And by believing that lie, you’ll waste hundreds
and thousands of dollars potentially harming your body and still have nothing to show for it. Instead, I can get the
same amount of weight off of your body each
month as surgery can, all with my three simple steps. You’ve gotta eat real food. First and foremost, you’ve
got to eat real food. Food that grows out of the ground. We’re talking about good, organic, grass-fed, grass-finished beef. We’re talking about vegetables, meat, nuts, eggs, seeds, seafoods, and fat. That’s real food. Not processed food that
comes out of a box or a can. If it was made in a factory, it takes a factory to digest, and it’s not going to work. Why? Because your body doesn’t
know how to utilize that! Because it’s not real food. It’s food-like product. It’s made to look like food and smell like food and taste like food, but your cells, your cells do
not know how to utilize that. And what do they do? They store it as fat. Or you get fatty liver. Or you get metabolic syndrome. So many diseases are caused from junk food that is made in a factory. So you gotta get off the junk food, you gotta get off the sugar, and you’ve got to eat real food. This is a highly-debated topic. How often should a person eat? We are told, we are taught from this big, that we should eat three
meals and two snacks, but that is simply wrong. Why? Because we are the fattest and the sickest we have ever been in all of human history. So the frequent eating is not working, and people need to understand
why it’s not working. Because it’s extremely taxing on the digestive system to digest food. It takes two thirds of your energy just to digest your food. So what happens when you’re
eating six times a day? You’re constantly eating, so you’re constantly secreting insulin, and your body is constantly
having to digest that food. You never give your body a hot minute to just return to baseline levels, for your hormones to return to baseline and for you to just relax and be. You’re constantly eating and it wreaks havoc on your system and your hormones. So eating often is wrong. And people ask me, well, how often should you eat? Ask your body how often should you eat. You know, you know! You eat when you’re hungry. Your body will send you very clear signals as to what it needs. So a lot of people on
the Code Red lifestyle, they eat twice a day, that seems to be a nice round number. A few people, a very few
people, eat once a day. That’s not something we teach, but we do advocate two times a day. Generally, for the general public, that’s a good amount of eating. And if you’re eating real food, high fat, you’re not gonna be hungry. Your cells are getting nourished, your body will send you a signal when it’s hungry again and then you eat again. It’s really simple. Do not over complicate eating. You’ve heard me say it a hundred times, and I’ll say it til the day I die, you gotta drink clean water. Just pure water. Nothing in it, not La Croix, not flavored water, not water used to make coffee, you hear what I’m saying? Just water. We are chronically
dehydrated in this society. We’re drinking coffee, we’re drinking energy drinks, we’re drinking alcohol, we’re drinking juice, we’re not drinking water, and your body can’t
utilize those other drinks for optimum performance. Water, water is what you need. And people say, well, how much water should I drink a day? For the general public, for those of you, most of you who are watching this, a gallon of water is a nice, good number. That’s about how much you need. Some people need more,
some people need less, it depends on you. But a gallon of water is the right amount of water for pretty much all of us. And that’s gonna help give you energy, it’s gonna help you sleep better, it’s gonna help clean out your body. It’s gonna help your
hair and your nails grow, it’s gonna help your skin glow, it’s going to help you
be able to lose weight and keep your weight off so much better if you’re properly hydrated. The number one rule to weight loss and general good health is sleep. And you’ve heard me say it over and over, sleep is vital to good
health and weight loss. So how much should you sleep? Well, studies have shown that you need to sleep at least seven hours a night. And you might be thinking, well, I sleep four and
a half and I do fine. I beg to differ if you do fine. You might function, but do you thrive? I can promise you, from 20 years being in this business and thousands of people that I’ve helped all over the world, that getting four and a
half hours of sleep a night, or under seven hours, you’re not gonna lose weight! You’re not! Why? Because your body senses
a lack of sleep as stress. And what does it do when its stressed? It hangs on to body fat as a way to protect your vital organs. And remember, your brain is 60% fat, so it’s not gonna let you lose weight and lose fat if you’re not sleeping. I’ve seen it time and time again, you’ve got to sleep seven hours a night for weight loss and for
general good health. So guard your sleep. Set up good bedroom boundaries. Honor your body enough to
give it the time it needs to rejuvenate, to restore, to replenish and to get you ready for the next day. So if you wanna keep
throwing away your money, your health, your goals, just to jump on the latest fad, well, you know what? I can’t help you. But if you’re ready to get rapid, real, sustainable results in a healthy, whole, and nourishing way, I’m ready to help. Click the link below to download my three-part video series about the biggest lies in weight loss and my Code Red lifestyle guide. Thanks so much for watching this video. Give me a thumbs-up if you don’t mind, I would love it. And subscribe to my channel, that way you will be informed when I release a new video. But I wanna hear from you. I want you to comment below and tell me, how many hours do you sleep a night? Be honest, be honest with me, I’m always honest and
straight up with you. I need you to be honest with me. Comment below, tell me how much you sleep, and I’ll see you on the next video. (uplifting music)