Live Happy and Healthy with the Help of 31 Fruits and Vegetables

Hi my name is Jay Shim, I have a health food
store in the heart of Manhattan, the Time Square area. And people say, best health food
restaurant in time square area. “Welcome to Green Symphony!” I’ve been here over 12 years, for this location. This is the heart of Time Square and on New Years Eve ball drops over there. My store is half of a, 43rd, half block. It’s not too far. All the broadways stars come from around here to my restaurant. These are all my customers. All my customers.
They will come to my restaurant to eat. I love what I’m doing. All my broadway actors and actresses, they come here. They want to take care of their bodies, so I’m here to feed them good food, and then, they love it. A lot of people ask me what do I eat to lose my weight, what do I eat to get better. I always tell them, fruits and vegetables. But it’s working. But most of the time
they’re kind of lazy, they don’t want to cook, they don’t want to prepare. So I found out one day, I went to the health expo, I found out fruit and vegetable capsules. I say, what
the hell is this? I went to a lecture with Doctor, I think, Douglas Howard and I went there, I educated myself. Wow. What an idea. Then I started to take that stuff and I feel much better. And then, ever since then, I started taking it every single day. I love Balance of Nature. Balance
is harmony, it’s good for everything, and I recommend it to my customers. My name is Jay Shim, I own a health food store nearby Time Square area. I love Balance of Nature, along with my customers. I’m hooked. Thank you! Bye!