Learn about Colours and Fruits with Daisy and Fluff | Colour (Color) video for Toddlers

Daisy and Fluff! Hello Daisy, hello Fluff! What are you going to be today? A green apron. Are you going to be a painter? Scales. Are you going to be a baker? Fruit! Are you going to be a greengrocer? Let’s go to the fruit and vegetable shop! What a lot of colourful fruit! Shall we go inside and look at all of the
colours? Let’s start with something red. Apples can be red, cherries can be red. But I love bright red strawberries. Orange oranges. Oranges are orange That’s funny! I like soft yellow bananas Grapes can be green and pears can be green I love crunchy green apples! Not many fruits are blue! How about blue blueberries? Juicy purple plums Pink dragon fruits They look so funny! Inside a kiwi fruit is green, but the outside
is brown. Hairy brown kiwi fruits. Black squishy blackberries. [whispers] Actually they’re dark purple! Delicious white asian pears. Well done Daisy, well done Fluff! We found lots of yummy, colourful fruit today. Let’s take the yummy fruit home to eat! See you again soon! Bye! Please subscribe for more videos. Don’t forget to tell your friends!