– Someone’s missing, or something. There you are. – Ah, thanks, oh, sorry, can’t see. Hello, everyone, it’s Barry here. Welcome to my virgin kitchen. And Phoebe, all right, give me five. Ow! How are you doing, are you okay? – Yeah – Are you?
– Yeah. Today is a gadget testing video. But you have a playlist, or you have, we have a gadget playlist. We have lots of gadgets
for viewing in one video. But I’ve also got an
individual gadget playlist. But sometimes, I feel like
they warrant their own video. Right?
– Yeah. – And today, we’re doing this. – A face pack maker. – Yeah, that’s basically what this is. This is the automatic fruit mask machine. And this is the voice version. I have no idea what that means. Do you know what that means? – No. – We have no idea, okay? So, we might have a little look at the instructions, possibly. Healthy for skin, a health beauty tool to care for your smile. Look at that. So it’s going to do your face, but it’s going to look after your smile. Automatic cleaning, one button
operation, we like that. High five. And easy to carry. Yeah?
– Yeah. Basically you add water and fruit juice and we just went to the shop
to get some fruit juice. – We did. So, hello. – Hello. – We just got into the my virgin – Van
– van, yeah. And we are going to go
buy some fruit juice, because that’s all we need, right? – Yeah. – What colours are you thinking? Which one should we get? – I– um, pineapple. – Pineapple, yes, I love pineapple juice. It’s my favourite. Very naughty though,
lots of sugar in that. And then maybe something red. Cranberry?
– Yeah. – Alright, so she’s not sure right now if she’s going to put it on her face. It might just be me. That’s wise, but then if it
doesn’t burn my face off, maybe you can do it, too. We’ll see, yeah? – Yeah. – Just going to get the fruit juice, and we’ll see you in a bit. Get the fruit juice, B. Cranberry raspberry, that’ll do, yeah? – [Phoebe] Yeah. – [Barry] And then, mango? Pineapple juice, done, there we go. That’s our face masks, alright? – Yeah. – A successful forage, Phoebe. – Yeah. – We got pineapple, – Cranberry. – Cranberry, what we set out to buy, and I got a little noodle thing for lunch. Is that all right? – Mmhmm. – Should we do this? – Yeah. – Let’s do it. So here we are back in the
kitchen with this thing. So we combine water with
cranberry and pineapple juice, pour the water and the juice in, and then there’s a collagen
peptide tablet in there, okay? So hopefully that’s going
to thicken up the stuff. – This is be– – Beautiful everyday – Effe– I can’t. – Effervescent mask. – It says beautiful everyday. – Beautiful everyday,
just like you, Phoebe. There’s our instruction manual. Don’t need that. What the heck is this? Don’t need that. Okay, need this. – If you clean, Daddy. – Oh, there it is. Oh, thank you, yeah, it comes with a brush just for cleaning up your… Dad. That is basically it. That is it. Oh my gosh. – That’s all what you could do. – Is that all the recipes we can make? – Yeah. – Let’s have a look, let’s
have a look, here we are. Cucumber tomato peach crystal mask. Oh that’s just basically doing
it without any fruit in it. That’s just basically
putting the tablet in. Apple, grape, pear, cherry, kiwi. I was thinking kiwi. That would be quite good, because you could do a budget version of Jim Carrey in The Mask. What about wasabi? Ow! So the two things that we’ve gone for aren’t actually on here. So, say for example, if
you use orange juice, it’s good for a variety of acidy stuff that helps your skin whiten. We don’t want that. So this is where it all happens. And this must be the plug. So just spot it, there’s like
a kettle thing at the back. This is the power lead, kettle plugs. Ah yes, can you do that,
you’re stronger than me. Some scrapey tool, measuring
jug for the waters. Brush for your relative. What is that for? Maybe it’s for cleaning it out. Okay, and the tablets are in this pack. So we get 32 tablets. And look at this beautiful
thing, look at that. – Is that the mask? – That’s the mask template, yeah. Or, this is actually
called the mask plate. Look how retro that is. – Retro? – So I think we pour it into that side, because those bits are raised. And as we peel it up, it will
just give us a little gap. Okay. This is the shortest lead in the world, so I need to go get my extension cable from the utility room. You um, entertain people. – Hello. I’m looking forward to this. – I could’ve just gone around this way, but the Queen’s in the way. – I’m looking forward to this. Yeah. – I can’t find it, I
think it’s in the shed. We’ll just jump to that. Don’t you look very pretty like that? This is just described as plastic knife. And the thing that Phoebe’s holding is just basically a cleaning brush, okay? – I think I’m going to
have scratches on my face. – Let’s get this out of the way. Kettle plug into the back. Plug it into our extension
lead, which is just out of shot. Because you don’t need to see that. What are you doing? She’s pretending to be
a ghost or something. It’s actually kind of scaring me. Right, so what we do we don’t
need to wash it, apparently. We take this plug out, well
that came out quite easy. And then we pour in 60
mLs of water from this. Do you want to do this for me? – Yeah. I’m going to get 60 mLs of water. Okay, this is 60 mLs of water. That’s the most accurate 60
mLs I’ve ever done in my life. Pour this into the hole. – Okay. – Ready? – Yeah. (making lub dub sound) You’re putting me off. – Ahh! This is, this is scary. And then, although we bought
a huge carton of fruit juice, we just need 20 mL of that. So should we go for
pineapple or cranberry. – Pineapple. – Tough question. Yeah, sure? Final answer? Locking it in? – Let’s go for pineapple. – [Barry] Pineapple. Is it (laughs). – Oh, now we– – Great stuff. – Great, yeah, they filled it to the brim. Oh my God, it’s getting everywhere. – There’s a hole in the bottom. – Is there? Oh no. I’m going to get in trouble
with Mrs. Barry at the seats. – She cares more about the seats
than anything in the world. – Including us. – Phew. – Alright, that’ll do. I’m going to sit on a wet seat, now. Right, let’s transfer this to a bigger jug to get into this jug. – I think we’re ready. – Actually, now I’ve got a better tactic. It’s about 50 mLs, but I’m just going to. – Drink it. – I have washed it out though. – Is that nice? – 38. Teeny bit more, one little sip. Well, we’re on 21. You know when you go to a petrol station and you’re trying to get
it to bang on the 20 pounds and it goes 20 pounds
and a penny every time. Yes, pour that in, baby. How does it look in
there, what can you see? – Liquid. – Liquid, good. – Like the smell. – Collagen tablet. It’s in there. – Like a frost of wind. – A frost of wind? – Wind for, you know. – Wind frost, what, where
are you going with this? – Like frosty wind blowing
on us, a cold ice mountain. – Let’s turn it on at the wall. – [Machine] Welcome to you
smart fruit facial mask machine. Please add collagen peptide,
then press start button. – Put the lid on, first,
before you press it. – That’s why it talks. Put the (mumbles) Press the confirm button, that’s the one – Don’t forget the lid. – Hey? Oh, yeah. It doesn’t s– – [Machine] Please add collagen peptide and press start button. – Yeah, let’s plug it in. – Don’t want it to explode
like a blending machine. – [Machine] Please add collagen peptide and press start button. – Is that a mirror I see. – Confirm button is this one at the front. Press that one, Phoebes. Do it. (beep) Alright, now we leave it. – [Machine] Please wait while processing. – It’s processing. – Processing. – It’s like an order at a shop. Cashier number six, please. We just wait. – And wait. – So apparently we stick this under there and it will just go into this. Oh, you can’t see it. There you go, let’s come down a bit. There you go. – Do we have to get him ready? Get’s him ready. – We just wait now. – And it’ll pour. – Once it tells us, I
imagine it’s going to tell us that it’s ready. – [Machine] Please wait while processing. – Alright, gosh, worse than your mum. Once it’s done, after five minutes, you press this button, and
it should like, I don’t know, things are going to go crazy. Could you hear that? (buzzing) – [Machine] Please wait while processing. – It’s making a noise. (buzzing) I want to smell it. What can you smell? – Pineapple. – Pineapple, yeah, hot pineapple juice, – I think someone else wants a face pack. – Who? Hey, do you want a face pack? – [Machine] Please wait while processing. – He’s just waiting next to our feet. – He’s like, what the heck’s going on? Amy’s just like, I don’t
want to deal with this. (beeping) Press that button. – Ready? – [Machine] Please put mask plate on table and pour out the mask liquid on it by pressing the button on the top. – Do it. Yeah, keep doing it, keep doing it. Look at that. Oh my gosh. Oh, I need to help him. – [Machine] Please switch to clean mode by pressing start button. – I’m going to use this
to help spread it around. It’s not, there we go, it’s
not reached all of the areas. – [Machine] Please switch to clean mode by pressing start button. – Start button, clean mode. Ah, it’s hot, that is hot. (beep) It’s cleaning, it’s cleaning, but look. – [Machine] Please add pure water. – Oh, add water, alright,
Christ, demanding. – This is cool. – [Machine] Please add pure water. – To cool it down. – Alright, happy now? Clean. Oh, we have– – [Machine] Please add pure water. – We add the water, and
then you get your brush that you wanted to use. – And do what. – So just go like this. Just, just, just clean it. – [Machine] Please press
start button to clean. – Oh, and then we press that again. (beep) What? – [Machine] Please wait while cleaning. – Does it clean with this in it? Sorry, May. Oh, it’s bent it. – We need you to see you
having cucumber on your eyes. – I’m not having cucumber on my eyes, no. (beep) Yeah, we kind of finished the job for it. I think it was just wanting to clean for the rest of the day, didn’t it? – Yeah. – [Machine] Please add pure water. – Okay, we’re going to come
back to that in a minute, because we’re going to
make a cranberry one. But, are you ready for this, Phoebes? Feel that, feel it. – That’s like an ice skating ring. But more jelly–
– Ice skating ring? – Yeah, but more jellyish. – I wonder if we have to use
this to go around the edge. Oh my gosh. – Oh, I wish I was that knife. It looks like a good bath. – What I don’t get, is this face, okay, is shaped more like that, not like that. Yeah? – Yeah. So, you know like that drop dead fred film where he has the, his
face gets flattened, yeah? – It’s like jello. Oh, I see, it stretches. – Oh my gosh. Do you want to put it on Daddy’s face? – Yeah. – Look at that, look at that. Right, hold it, and put one
hand there and one hand there. And put it on Daddy’s face, ready? I’m sorry, I’m sorry,
I’ll just get it together. (makes crazy sound) – I’m sorry, Phoebe. Oh my God, I’m breathing
and it’s sucking it in. Stop breathing. Where’s, is that my nose? Let’s see what Boston thinks, hang on. He hasn’t seen me yet. Me? It’s me, it’s me, you alright? He can smell the pineapple juice. Oh my God, oh wait, Amy. Amy come recognise me. Amy, who is this, who is this? She’s like, who are you? Oh my eyes are drooping. – Afterwards, shall we see what it’s done? – Yeah. I think that’s supposed
to be my mouth down there. Why is it drooping? – What has it done? There you go, look at that. Alright, I’ve just put, ooh, all my skin’s impurities
feel so much better. I just put a load of snapchat,
instagram things up there because I just had to show that. But my mouth kept sagging. But feel my, my skin, to be
fair, that feels really nice. I am taking senior
responsibility as your Father, to think that you would be fine with this. So we’re going to do a
cranberry one, alright? You know how it’s made, let’s just jump to the
cranberry mask coming out. (squish) Ew, what are you doing to it? Ew, don’t mush it up. That’s actually quite
indestructible, isn’t it. – Like jelly. – That’s been on my face, May. – Ew. – [Machine] Please wait while processing. (beeping) Please put mask plate on table and pour out the mask liquid on it by pressing the button on the top. – Oh, it’s red this time. Alright, that’s going
to stand out some more. – [Machine] Please switch to clean mode by pressing start button. – [Machine] Please switch to clean mode by pressing start button. – We feel that it’s
cooled down sufficiently. Phoebe, scrape your knife, that you really enjoy
doing ice-skating style. You ready? Look at that. Alright, ready? Oh, it smells really nice. Okay, give me your face. Okay, here you go. Come down. How does that feel, is that nice? – Wet, it’s wet. It’s wet. – Oh, your eyes are a bit
higher, and your nose… It’s not designed for a
kid’s face, I don’t think. Are you okay? – No. – This is nice. Hang on, this would make a great picture. Mine’s gone bit droopy now, but this is definitely
one for the family album. What do you think? Can you feel the impurities coming out. Does it feel really nice? – It’s wet, can I take it off? – Of course you can. – Thank you. – Got it? Ewww. Nice, there you go. – My face is wet. – That was actually pretty fun. Oh your skin has never
looked, oh you like you’re, you look like you’re eight. You’re not nine anymore. She’s lost a year of her life. Oh my gosh, we highly recommend this. No, don’t eat it. Come to Daddy. – Daddy, stop. – So there we go folks. I feel fresh and young. How about you? Not so much?
– I feel wet and soggy. – Okay. – I feel like I’ve been in
a rain for my whole life. – Ah, no, so Phoebe’s with me today because her football
camp thing got cancelled. But the surprise for you is that I’m taking you to the park now to play football, alright? – You’d really do that? – Yeah. – For me? – Because I’m your Daddy and I like you. Alright, thanks a lot folks. Remember, there’s a kitchen
gadget solo playlist up here, and the full one above
for all the gadget testing if you want to do that. And don’t forget to send me
any cool gadgets you see. Subscribe for regular
recipes and food fun. And we will see you again next time. – Bye.