Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa (Whole30 / Low Carb / Paleo  / Keto)

Instant Pot Beef Barbacoa (Whole30 / Low Carb / Paleo / Keto)

– Hey y’all, welcome back to my kitchen. We’re doing another experiment today. Now, today we’re doing a
yummy favorite, beef barbacoa. So, I think you’re gonna
absolutely love this. Come on and join me. To begin the journey on this tasty dish, we started by seasoning the brisket on all sides with salt and pepper and seared until golden brown. While the brisket was searing, we decided to go ahead and
make our cooking sauce, a delightfully sinful mixture of freshly-squeezed
orange juice, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, tomato paste, cumin, chipotle powder, oregano,
salt, and brown cloves. I grabbed the perfectly-seared brisket and place in my Insta-Pot along with cloves of garlic and onion. Then letting my Insta-Pot
cook for 30 minutes. Once, we let the brisket rest, we shredded it with a fork. And this is how it turned out. ♪ Start to make me weep, just leave. ♪ ♪ Let’s go to the beach. ♪ ♪ Take me by the hand. ♪ Okay ya’ll, it’s time to
try this beef barbacoa and let me tell you, I already know how it’s gonna taste, because it smells delicious. And I also know exactly
where that delectable smell is coming from. First, we seared the meat and then in that yummy sauce, we put fresh squeezed
orange juice, some garlic, some apple cider vinegar,
those ground cloves, oregano, some cumin, and
some chipotle powder. All of that is melding together and the smell is to die for. I’ve got it here with
some white basmati rice. I cannot wait to try this,
because the smell is so good. Mm. Oh yeah. Ya’ll. That’s good stuff, hold up. Mm. This job is really fun. Okay, this is absolutely delicious. You have to try this at home. So easy in the Insta-Pot. I absolutely love this dish. Your family will love this dish. For more details on cooking instructions, and the exact amounts of ingredients, please look at the
detailed description below. For more tips, tricks, recipes, and some of my kitchen experiments, head to and you know what, I’ll see you there. ♪ I came from the mud. ♪ ♪ There’s dirt on my hands. ♪ ♪ Strong like a tree. ♪ ♪ There’s roots where I stand. ♪ ♪ Oh I’ve been running from the law. ♪ ♪ Hope they won’t shoot me down soon. ♪