Improving Health with Nutrition : Benefits of Natural Nutrition

In this next series we’re going to talk about
nutrition and natural solutions to various common health problems and the reason is because
we are all dealing with different kinds of imbalances in our bodies and what we get from
the doctor are prescriptions for medications and I believe that health conditions are not
deficiencies of medications, they typically come down to deficiencies of nutrients and
what our bodies need. So there are all kinds of nutrients, there are all kinds of foods.
Most of the foods that we get in our supermarket and from the restaurants today are filled
with toxins and things that our bodies don’t want so if we can switch that over to the
foods that our bodies do want then we are going to be healthier individuals as a result.
In addition there is a whole world of nutritional supplements out there and herbal supplements
and homeopathy and most people are looking for something and they don’t know what so
we are going to address that in this series.