Ideal Protein Phase 2 Explained by Sharon at BonVie Weight Loss and Nutritional Wellness

Let’s talk about Phase Two of the Ideal
Protein program. I’m Sharon LaCroix at BonVie Weight Loss
& Nutritional Wellness where we have been in practice with this protocol for over 7
years. Phase 2 of the Ideal Protein protocol begins
after you have reached 90-100% of your weight loss or clothes size goal and is the beginning
of your transition to lifestyle maintenance. The main purpose of Phase 2 is for you learn
how to get the protein you need each day, to keep your weight in balance and to not
burn down muscle. It is also to bring up your calorie count
as we ease you out of intensive fat-burning and into maintenance. In both Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the program
you will be eating successively fewer of the Ideal Protein (IP) meals and more of your
own. This progressively lowers the cost of your
program, but more importantly, reinforces how to make good shopping and eating choices
so that you do not regain your hard earned fat loss when you graduate to Phase 4. Phase 2 is designed to last two weeks only
(although at BonVie we will often abbreviate that to just one week – IF the client has
followed Phase 1 to the letter). You will be having just two IP’s a day rather
than three and will be doubling up on your own protein. That means rather than 8 oz of your protein
every day, you will now aim for 16 oz per day. You will still be having your 4 cups of low
glycemic vegetables each day, and your 64 oz of water, vitamins, salt, and, healthy
fats. So a typical Phase 2 day may look like this:
An IP breakfast with one of your delicious and satisfying favorites; then a mid-morning
snack of let’s say 2 eggs, or a few oz of sliced ham or turkey. Lunch might be a combination of salad with
veggies and lots of protein, perhaps a subway salad with chicken, turkey or lean ham. In the mid-afternoon our clients want a delicious
IP bar or chips or trail mix. Dinner is the remainder of your protein – if
you have already eaten about 6 oz let’s say, then you would have the remaining 10
oz at dinner. After dinner (unless you have eaten very late)
you would have an evening Ideal Protein snack, either sweet or savory. And that’s pretty much it. Super simple to follow and exciting for our
dieters as they see the end in sight. Next week it’s all about Phase 3 of the
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