HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE COCONUT MILK | simple paleo diet milk

*music* Hi this is Steph Gaudreau from and today we’re making homemade coconut milk. You will be
shocked at how delicious and simple it is to make your own coconut milk at home
with just a couple of very simple ingredients. First I start with four cups
of water. Uou want to heat the water so it’s easier to extract the fats from the
coconut itself and you’ll end up with a better, more creamy end result. I heat
that in a saucepan until it’s kind of medium-hot. You don’t want it to be
boiling but you want it to be warm. And then I take the blender, I pour in 8
ounces (that’s about a half a pound) of shredded unsweetened coconut flakes. You just want to make sure it’s not the sweetened variety or you’re going to end
up with a really sweet end product. And then I pour that warm water into the
blender and I just let it rip on high for about a minute. Then from there I let it sit for about half an hour. Once the coconut has sat for about 30
minutes in the water you’re going to need to strain it out. Now you can get
kind of creative here if you don’t have any special equipment, you can just drain
this through several layers of cheesecloth. But I have what’s called a
nut milk bag. I can never say that with a straight face. The nut milk bag is a very
thick material but it allows the liquid to seep through and to keep the coconut
inside. So all I do is I pour that mixture into the nut milk bag over a
strainer which is sort of sitting over a bowl and that’s where I’m going to
collect all the coconut milk. Then I start squeezing it from there. I take the coconut milk and pour it into a storage jar. It lasts me about a
week in the refrigerator and then I discard the pulp. That’s really how
simple it is: two ingredients–water and shredded
coconut that you can find in any store– and you’re going to end up with the most
delicious coconut milk you have ever tasted.
Way better than store-bought and you’re never going to want to go
back to that. For my homemade coconut milk as well as other awesome nut milk
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