How to Make a Paleo Shake with JJ Virgin and Leanne Ely

Is it on? Are we there yet? We’re here. Hey! Guess what everybody, we’re in Leanne Ely’s kitchen. I’m Leanne Ely. We know it’s Leanne’s kitchen because there’s all this equipment in here that’s not in my kitchen. That’s right. We get asked all the time, as silly as this is. I can relate, you can’t because you’re a chef. How do you make those fabulous shakes? How do you make them taste good? So the inside scoop we’ve got it for you. Get it? Inside scoop? [laughs] Sorry, I know. Sorry. Stop it! First of all what do we have here? What are we using? This is my favorite one to use. It’s Paleo-meal Dairy Free. It’s a pea.. Eww, it’s a pea and rice blend, very likely that you won’t be allergic to it. People react to it differently. Let me just say something, I’m absolutely appalled at pea protein. This one is delicious. It’s good, isn’t it? It’s Vanilla Berry. It’s real subtle, mild. Delicious, it doesn’t taste like its gotta lot of fake crap. Nothing heinous in there. Top quality. No nasty sweeteners. No heinousness. Nothing in there that makes me say, you can’t have that. So we’re going to get started. I put some liquid in first, otherwise the stuff sits at the bottom Alright, Whatever. Seriously. So I put a quarter cup of coconut milk in there. Why do we do coconut milk?…It’s so much fat. It’s saturated fat too. I’m scared. You want to burn more fat? Eat fat. Eat coconut especially, because it’s medium chain triglycerides. There’s a difference.They help your body burn fat. You don’t store it, you use it. Also, it’s anti-viral, anti fungal, it’s very good for you. It is. So, coconut. Let me just tell you, thyroid issues, coconut oil would be great. I mean milk, coconut milk. So there’s 1 scoop. 1 scoopy doopy. Should I do 2? Yes, I always do 2. 1 is not enough. I do heaping by the way. I know. Alright, so here’s your heaping already. And then my secret weapon, the thin stick. The thin stick. We love thin stick. Tell us about thin sticks, JJ. Thin sticks are very cool, because they work in your small intestine to trigger something called your illiobrachial mechanism to tell your brain that you’re not hungry. They help you feel fuller for like 6-8 hours. It’s amazing. They totally work. They go in every shake I make. But wait there’s more. There’s something else we are putting in here. Chchch Chia. I always put Paleo Fiber into my shake. That was already mixed into my blender. That is so smart. I know. So I put a tablespoon of Paleo Fiber and a tablespoon of, normally I do a tablespoon of the fresh Flax seed meal, the golden stuff from Hines. But we’re using chia seeds. We’re breaking out today. Well, it has 2 times the protein of any other seed. Yes. 5 times the calcium of milk. We don’t do milk. Right. This is important. And? 3 times more iron than spinach! Omega-3 fatty acids 2 times the potassium of a banana. You don’t have to eat that fruit candy. But you know, I love it. The Mayans.. These are ancient seeds. The Mayans used to call this the Indian Running Food. Because it’s fantastic energy. We are calling it the Burst food. Bursting? Ohhh… We need organic berries. We do about a cup of organic berries. We are doing a little blend, a little blueberry, little raspberry blend. Ok, some pure spring water. Now I like it thick. She likes it thick. This is how I would make it and it would be done, but no, this is J.J.’s shake. We need to add ice to it. Seriously thick. Don’t you get brain freeze? No, I don’t. I have such a big brain…Put your eardrums ..More water. Do you feel like we’re on a landing strip somewhere? I actually broke my Vitamix. Nobody breaks a Vitamix. You know you’re making your shakes too thick when you’re breaking the Vitamix. It’s the the color of beets. But it’s blueberry-raspberry. It’s gorgeous… Stop! Hello! This is actually like shake ice cream, shake pudding. It just burped on me. It did. It spattered you. This is the way I like to do it. Whoo! Perfection. Is it? Yeah. It’s nice and thick, I eat it with a spoon. Sometimes if I’m feeling really like wild, I will take it and put it in a big coffee mug… like a big, thick coffee mug and will swirl in some nut butter. Oh girl. I know. It’s awesome. It tastes like a, what I would imagine a peanut butter and jelly sandwich would taste like, if I could imagine one, but. It’s fabulous. So that’s another fun thing I’d do. But I like to eat it with a spoon. So what we put in here: a cup of organic berries. So you can do blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, I like to some cherries in there sometimes. Right. Why do we use berries? High in fiber, low glycemic index, lots of antioxidants. We had the quarter cup of lite coconut milk. Mmmm hmmmm. We did the thin stick, so you won’t be hungry later. Protein powder we had, 2 scoops of Paleo-Meal Dairy Free Oh, someone’s calling. They want the recipe. They say, bring it now. Bring me that shake. A tablespoon of Paleo Fiber. A table spoon of either chia or flax or.. But one of the fun seeds, to give good essential fatty acids Those are rich in Omega 3’s, anti-inflammatory, helps with bone re-modeling and of course, high in fiber. So this is a fiber, this has like 15 grams of fiber in this puppy. Way to start the day. Alrighty,enjoy, or I’m enjoying. You’re enjoying. Let’s pour this sucker. Look at that. That is so awesome.You are a fabulous shake maker. Yeah I am. I’m staying here more often. That’s what I’m talking about. Is it good? Yep. That was fun.