How to Know What You Are Good At [Simple Exercise]

– Let’s be honest, my
friends, skills pay the bills. And today I’m gonna help you take those God-given skills of yours, and connect them directly
into money in the bank. You ready? I’m Susie Moore, and
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a new video drops from me. Now, I’m gonna be breaking
down a process with you today called The Skill Distiller Formula. Many of my clients love this, because they come to me when
they’re looking for a change. Maybe it’s a promotion, maybe it’s a complete change in careers, maybe they wanna start
something new of their own. Whatever it is, they might be
just lacking in confidence, and they don’t know what it is that they’re really good at. And they need to really
chew into their skills. To help address this, enter
the Skill Distiller Formula. It helps you really
understand your strengths, what’s already busy inside of you. It’s a simple three step
formula you can use, that works in so many situations. The first step is to think of
three big problems you’ve had, or successes that you’ve had. These don’t have to be work-related, and they don’t have to be impressive by anybody’s else’s standards. Just brainstorm three
things that you’re proud to have achieved, or three
problems you helped solve. Feel free to share them in
the comments below, too. Here are a few examples
I’ve heard over the years. Maybe you found and
bought your dream house, under budget, in just a month. Maybe you helped your best friend through a really difficult divorce, and you were really
important there for her. Maybe your sister was
struggling to find employment, and you helped her land
a really well-paying job that she really loves. Maybe you graduated from college
at the top of your class. Bravo. Maybe you backpacked through
Europe, completely on your own, without knowing a single soul. Now, once you have your list,
you’re ready for step two. Which is, identify the skills that helped you achieve
those three things. Now, I might need you to just step outside of yourself for a moment. And humble people find
this really hard to do, because they’re always just downplaying their accomplishments. We’re not here to do that. You might look at your list
and say, “Eh, you know, “but I didn’t do anything special
to achieve these results.” But you did. You have a set of strengths and skills that enabled you to do
all of those three things, and not everyone could do them, and certainly not the way that you did. That’s very important to know. It is so rare that we take time to just sit down for a moment, and acknowledge all that we’ve done, and all that we’re capable of. But it’s essential to
recognize your strengths if you want to welcome more success, more ease, more joy, more
abundance, into your life. Now, let your mind explore everything you bring to the table here. Everything that allowed you to achieve those things on your list, those accomplishments of yours. That helped you achieve
something or solve a problem. And let’s keep going with
some of these examples. Maybe you helped your sister find a job, and you put your feelers
out there into your network. You asked friends who love
their jobs for hiring advice. Maybe you connected the dots
between some contacts who have, maybe opportunities that
could be good for your sister, at some fantastic companies. Your attention to detail
would’ve made a big difference in polishing up your sister’s resume. Maybe you helped her
really position herself as an asset to the company
she was interviewing with, so she could really nail those interviews. Maybe you also helped her follow up in a way that was
assertive, but not pushy. And in reflecting, you’ve
realized you’re amazing at gauging your community, to help people achieve
their goals with you. Maybe you’re comfortable asking questions. Maybe you’re great at positioning. Maybe you’re excellent
at utilizing connections. These are all really great skills. Are you starting to see that? And they set the stage
for a very successful life if you start to employ them more. Or maybe in the case
of the house purchase, purchasing one under budget. Maybe you’re really comfortable
doing research online. Maybe you’re great at
processing a lot of information, to determine the value of
real estate in your area. What a good skill. And also you come to realize that maybe you’re a really good negotiator. Maybe you’re really good under pressure. Maybe you’re one of those people who don’t allow emotions to get
in the way of your judgment. Some of us can be so flappable sometimes. Which leads us to step three. Think about how you can apply
these skills in a new way. Remember, winning at life is all about just doing the best you can with what you’ve been given, right? And what you have in front of you is a particular set of skills that have already proven to get results. So we just wanna brainstorm
how we can bring them to more use in the best way possible. So you wanna sell a
knitting group, for example, maybe as a side hustle on a Sunday. And you wanna charge people
100 bucks for a couple hours. How can you use those skills of yours? Maybe your openness to asking questions will be a huge advantage, right? Maybe you can ask people for advice on selling a weekly group, if you know people who’ve done that. Maybe someone can guide you. Maybe someone can point
out some pitfalls to avoid. You’ll want to lean on
your network again, right? And that sense of community that you have. Who can you invite to join the club? Who are the social
butterflies in the big circles that you know, who could spread the word? Maybe in connecting the
dots, you know somebody at Creative Knitter’s magazine, or somebody that you know does, who’d run a feature on your new club. Remember that, looking back, you had a way of making your friends want to connect that sister of yours with
their HR directors, right? How can you use that same mentality to give people the right incentive to spread the word about
your knitting club? It’s all the same skills here. How can you get people
excited about being part of your community, your
world, this opportunity? Maybe those positioning
skills come back in too, and those followup skills. They’ll help you when it
comes to reaching out, to securing venues, right? Maybe you can convince somebody to let you use their club for free. How can you followup in this non-sissy way to make sure you get a yes? You already know how, you’ve proven it. Or maybe those real
estate skills will help, in helping you research the right area. And even maybe even launch
a course, who knows, increasing your virtual knitting group with people from all around the world. You already have this knack for determining value
and price point, right? And this could easily apply to other areas of your life in new ways. Once you go through the exercise, you’ll see that your skills
are way bigger than you think. Bigger than you, in lots of ways. And clarity on the existing
skills that you have is enough to help you take action and win. If you like this video, don’t forget to give it a thumbs up, and subscribe. And let me know in the comments what your biggest takeaway
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