How To Eat A Passion Fruit

It’s Dustin with Get Fit Now we just got back
from Dekalb’s Farmers Market so we have a lot of fruits and vegetables here but i found
this really cool one. I have heard a lot of people talk about it… It’s the passion fruit
take a look at that this is the New Zealand passion fruit. They are like 1.99 a piece
so I only got 1. This is definitely something cool to try im always down to try some new
fruit or vegetables that i have never tried in the past. This is our first time trying
this. I did some research on how to open these things they are actually kinda hard and you
actually want to look and see if they are slightly weltered…. see if you look on the
bottom supposably they taste little better if they are weltered thats how you tell if
they are ripe and more sweet.but we are going to cut this open so we can take a look inside
emily and i will both give our opinion on what it taste like, and all that good stuff.
so we just opened this up this is what it should look like…. Very Pretty! you are
only suppose to eat the seeds so we have the spoons we are going to give this a try and
our personal opinion on it crunch crunch wow it taste pretty good is it sweet? its kinda
tart, its really sweet, i will definitely be purchasing more of these. its crunchy with
the seeds so im going to let emily give you her personal opinion. Alright so now im going
to give it a try and my first thought is that it looks slimy. if you look at it but if you
smell it it smells really fruity fresh it would make a good candle now im going to give
it a try.. crunch crunch crunch its good its really sweet its really crunchy with the seeds
but this is a really good fruit i will definitely eat this again. So i hope you enjoyed this
fruit demo with Get Fit Now and that you have a great day…Don’t be scared to try different
fruits or vegetables you haven’t tried in the past at the Famers Market you might be
surprised by what you find…. Thanks For Watching