How to Eat a 20 Pound Jackfruit and other Jack Fruit Information

This is John Kohler with I have
a very special treat for you today. I’m actually travelling. I’m in Las Vegas and one of the
questions I get a lot is, ‘John, how do you eat when you travel?’ Well, when I travel,
I try to eat just like I was at home. I eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.
So, here in Las Vegas, I have the advantage of several cool Asian markets, and I don’t
have that back home, and look what I found. I found this cool jackfruit. So, the jackfruit
is probably the world’s largest tree fruit. These can get up to be like 50 pounds. This
fruit right here is actually about 20 pounds. It was about $1 a pound, so this thing cost
me $20. So, this is a $20 fruit right here, and we’re going to cut that open and shoe
you how to eat it, basically. So, the first thing when you’re picking out a jackfruit
to, you know, pick out and buy, you want to try to get one that’s really ripe, because
most of the times, you know, some people and some cultures actually buy the jackfruit not
for the fruit itself, but for the seeds. They’ll actually roast and boil and, you know, the
seeds, and eat those salted. So, the seeds can be edible, but I like to buy the jackfruit
for the fruit itself and they are so delicious. So, the best way to find a ripe jackfruit
is to be underweight a jackfruit tree and, you know, let it fall off the tree, but watch
out when it falls ’cause if a 50 pound or even a 20 pound fruit hits you from way tall
above, it’s going to hurt, and I don’t recommend it. So, other ways to check are sometimes
I like to go by the color. If I have a whole bin of jackfruit, I’ll look and I’ll try to
pick the one that’s the most yellowish golden color versus the greenish color. Another really
good way is use your 2 nose nostrils. Use your sniffer and sniff it. It should smell
just really sweet and really good. If it has no smell it might not be ripe. The other thing,
you want to check the pressure. It should yield to general pressure, and you want to
look for black moldy spots. Some of the stores I went to had jackfruit where you could just
push your finger in and it was just totally go in. So, that’s not too good, either. So,
this is the best one I could find. Without further ado, let’s cut it open. So, this is
a 20-pound. We’re going to cut this in half. It’ll be about 10 pounds at that point. We
got to have a nice knife. Make sure it’s really sharp. Many time I like to use a serrated
knife. So, I’m just going to take this, and this is one big fruit, man. I’m just like,
cutting this fruit in half. It’s kind of funny, cutting a fruit this big in half. It’s rare
that I get to cut something this big. Alright, so, here it is, a cut open jackfruit. Alright,
I did pretty good. So, when you cut open the jackfruit, this is what it looks like, and
inside here, this is like the core. This is not really edible. The part that you wan tot
eat on a jackfruit is right here. There’s these little seed pods, and these are the
seeds. There it goes. The seed pods come out and some peoples basically either boil or
fry these and salt them up or eat them like nuts, which you can do, but we want to eat
this fruit. So, I got a really nice ripe one. This is orange in color. We’re going to carefully
cut out these little section that surround the seed, and that is the edible part of the
jackfruit and it’s so, so good. So, normally how I get these out is I’ll use my knife,
and I’ll cut around the edge on the bottom edge, and then along the top, and then a little
section will come out, and you might notice there’ll be these other sections that come
out, too, with it. While these are edible, they don’t taste very good. So, I recommend
just, you know, discarding that section, and then you’re going to remove the seed and then
you can eat the rest of the fruit there. This is a good jackfruit. The other thing you’ll
notice, and you kind of white these things are sticking to me, and on my knife here,
I got all this white gooey stuff that’s stuck to my knife blade. This is latex. This is
naturally occurring in the jackfruit, and this is fine. Very hard to clean, so the other
question is, ‘John, how do I clean the latex?’ Well, you could use soap and water all day
long and guess what? This stuff will not get removed. You’re going to have to use another
great solvent. Coconut oil, or actually any other kind of oil will work. It’ll basically
dissolve the latex to get it off. So, rub your hands with coconut oil before you start
to eat the jackfruit so that you can clean yourself up later on and you won’t have all
kinds of latex stuck to you. It’s also good for cleaning your knives and other utensils,
too. So, I’m sitting her enjoying my jackfruit and I’m just basically cutting out piece by
piece with my knife until I got out to this point. So, I got all the main pieces out.
Now what you’re going to do is take out the core of the jackfruit. So, I like to take
out this core, ’cause all the jackfruit pieces that you eat are actually attached to the
core, but before I take out the core and show you how to do that and review all the jackfruit,
it’s going to look real cool, I’d like to tall you more about the jackfruit so you know,
‘hey, John, how does it taste?’ Well, the jackfruit, it tastes just like juicyfruit
gum. So, if you’ve had juicyfruit gum, that’s the flavor of jackfruit, ’cause juicyfruit
got their flavor form jackfruit. So, jackfruit is the original juicyfruit gum. It’s actually
kind of chewy a little bit, but that being said, I have gotten jackfruits that are more
hard and crunchy, and then there’s varieties that are more chewy, but in the most part,
I like to chewy kind better. Sometimes if they’re hard and crunchy, they’re actually
not completely ripe. So, the flavor intensifies, with any fruit as well as the jackfruit, when
the fruit is completely ripe. So, I encourage you to get as ripe as possible. I’ve had other
jackfruits that are hard and crunchy and really don’t taste good, and it wasn’t ripe because
not all the time will they sell you ripe fruits. Sometimes they sell you unripe fruit, and
actually the time I got unripe fruit was actually in Hawaii. Jackfruit is actually a tropical
tree, so it grows in the tropics in Hawaii in the United States and other tropical locations.
These seeds are viable. Actually, we’ll save these seeds, dump them in a pot with a whole
bunch of soil and just let them be the water every once in a while, and I started getting
jackfruit plants. Now, I’m living in Southern California, so the plants would grow. Maybe
they’d be a nice indoor container plant, but, you know what? These trees get to be really,
really tall, and, so, it’s probably never going to produce fruit in California, although
its fun as a curiosity. So, once you mostly eat all the fruit out, then you’re going to
take your knife and gently cut a slit down here, and I like to do it at a little bit
of an angle, not too much of an angle. Let’s see how good I am today. You cut too much,
you’re going to cut too much of the fruit off. So, there you go. This is the center
core on the jackfruit. It’s actually attached to this core. This is the core it grows off
of. So, you’ve taken that out and you can cut off all the little orange pieces. Also,
I’d like to say that jackfruit can come in an orange or yellow color. I particularly
like the orange color a little bit better. Once you get that off, you can basically see
the rest of the fruit and we can do this. This is really cool. You can take the fruit
like this and you can see al the different pods, and there’s some seeds dropping out
but all the different pods or the different things you eat, you could literally reach
in here, grab one thing of fruit out, and then here we can pop out the seed in the middle.
Look at that. It just pops right out, and this is the delicious part that you eat. I
love jackfruit so much. I’m going to get back to eating and let’s see if I’m going to finish
this other half of the jackfruit off. I encourage everybody to eat their fruits fresh. So, eat
fresh jackfruit, but if you do have extra, or you can’t find jackfruit, many times in
Asian markets they have frozen jackfruits. So, they’ll be the pods that are seeded and
they’ll be frozen. So, what I like to do with the frozen jackfruit is blend them into smoothies,
like a banana, jackfruit, coconut smoothie, so good, or you can take the frozen jackfruit
and run it through the champion juicer or a juicer with a homogenizing or blank plate
to make jackfruit ice cream or more appropriately jackfruit sorbet. I got to back to eating.
My mouth is watering. So, I’m just about finished eating my jackfruit, and you can se here’s
a jackfruit carcass left and it’s all flat now. It’s kind of cool and we’re going to
go ahead and take out this last pod out of there and they kind of just stick in there
like that. You just kind of come in and pull it out. One whole jackfruit pod, like to break
it open and then basically just pull out the seed, and there’s the seed. Here’s the fruit.
So good. Eating jackfruit, it’s a really sensuous experience, and I don’t mean like in the sexual
sense, I just mean your sensations are totally come alive ’cause the smell, it just smells
fresh and fruity, like juicyfruit gum. It smells so good, and I mean, just look at this
thing, I mean, look at this carcass. I mean, look at the back. It’s just crazy. Some people
would say, ‘oh, John, is that a durian?’ no, this is a jackfruit. It’s way different than
a durian. This has a nice pleasant aroma, although some people would say that durians
has a pleasant aroma, and I do agree. Some people don’t think durians smell good but
I haven’t really met anybody that doesn’t think jackfruit doesn’t smell good. The other
thing, jackfruit is a lot larger than durians. So, this one was 20 pounds. They can be up
to, you know, 50 pounds. The spikes on the jackfruit aren’t that sharp. So, on the durian,
they’re much, much sharper, and these aren’t that sharp, and jackfruit is one of my top
5 favorite fruits in the whole wide world. I guess I’m really lucky, getting to eat it
today. So, my jackfruit that I bought, once again, was 20 pounds. It was on sale for 99
cents a pound. So, it was about $20, roughly, and this is my first meal of the day today.
I don’t want to say 10 pounds of jackfruit ’cause the shell weighs a whole bunch, and
the fruit doesn’t weight a whole lot and there’s the seed in there, too, but definitely a nice-sized,
filling, raw food meal. So, if you have extra jackfruit, what do you do with it? Well, jackfruit,
from my experience, will store pretty good for one or 2 days. After 2 days it really
starts to get kind of funky. So, you probably, at that point, would want to freeze it. You
can dehydrate it, but, in my experience, defiantly frozen jackfruit that you use in a smoothie
is a lot better than a dehydrated jackfruit. It just kind of loses some of that fun and
that taste, you know. So, anyways, this is John Kohler with Going to get back
to finishing my last piece of jackfruit. We’ll see you next time, and keep eating your fruit.
It’s good for you.